Spiritual Development and Exploration


An Essential Element to Well-Being

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

~ Carl Jung

Sometimes, people reach out to us because they are searching for meaning and healing. Other times, they seek us out because they want to grow and reach their fullest potential as a person, a parent, a partner, or a friend.

Our clients value having a supportive and accepting place to come regularly as they delve deeper into understanding themselves and the world around them, and work to grow into their fullest potential.

We believe therapy is a powerful tool for deepening spiritual exploration.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is often defined as a sense of connection to something greater than oneself, which can include religious beliefs, a connection to nature, a sense of purpose, astrology, connection to intuition or Spirit, or a search for meaning in life. We believe that spiritual beliefs, practices, and experiences greatly influence an individual’s mental health and overall well-being.

How is Spirituality Incorporated in Therapy?

In the context of therapy, spirituality offers a framework to find meaning, healing, purpose, and connection. Support that respects and aligns with a clients belief system is foundational. We often begin with exploration of a your spiritual beliefs and how these beliefs may influence your mental health, concerns, and well-being.

There are many ways we incorporate spirituality into sessions with our clients. Some examples include, but not limited to, discussion of spiritual themes and practices (meditation, prayer, etc), encouragement of connection with nature or spiritual communities, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

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  • Integration of all faith and spirituality practices
  • Eating disorder recovery and spirituality
  • Posttraumatic Growth
  • Healing from religious trauma
  • Meaning at the end of life
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Connection with intuition and Spirit
  • Astrology and Tarot informed
  • Archetypal and Depth Psychology


Meet The Therapists

Spiritual development clinicians accepting new clients

Joey Tadie, PhD, LCP

Dr. Joey Tadie is a talented psychologist with a gift for connecting with people and helping them to transform their lives. He is enthusiastic about the healing opportunities psychedelic-assisted therapy brings for clients facing chronic depression, anxiety, and PTSD. These problems are often painful, disruptive, and even demoralizing for clients who have endured them for years. He is excited to offer KAP to clients looking to change these negative patterns and find a new direction...

Sarah Long, PsyD, LCP

As a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS), Dr. Sarah Long believes strongly in the healing potential of psychedelics, including Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), for those suffering from eating disorders and co-occurring trauma, anxiety, and depression. She is also passionate about working with clients who are experiencing burnout, compassion fatigue, and are healing from all types of trauma. Sarah Long is a gifted therapist with over a decade of experience helping people to heal from the impacts of traumatic events and recover from eating disorders...

Erin Jacklin, PsyD, LCP

Dr. Erin Jacklin, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Psychedelic Therapy Provider is a grounded, safe, gentle psychedelic guide and integration therapist. A longtime meditator, Erin brings a depth of presence to her work with psychedelics, and is comfortable holding space for a wide range of experiences. Her decade plus expertise in trauma and mindfulness informs her approach to psychedelic assisted therapy...

Kendra Doukas, MS, LMFT

Kendra Doukas, LMFT is the Clinical Director of The Catalyst Center. Kendra is an experienced therapist specializing in complex PTSD, trauma recovery, couples therapy, and psychedelic assisted therapy. Kendra has a centered, wise, and at times irreverent demeanor clients connect with deeply. Kendra is passionate about her work helping individuals struggling with long-standing depression and anxiety, especially when these issues stem from past trauma using KAP. She has been excited to see the effects KAP can have and has watched clients be able to unburden things they have been carrying for a long time...

Allison Kalivas, MA, MFTC

Allison’s aim is to empower you and inspire your curiosity about yourself. Her work as a psychedelic-assisted therapist helps you get unstuck from old patterns and heal from the past. Her gentle, calm, yet direct approach helps her clients deeply engage in powerful healing...

Lauren Pinneo, MSW, LCSW, LAC

Lauren Pinneo, LCSW is a passionate advocate for her clients, supporting them as they heal from painful traumas. She uses her expertise in EMDR and psychedelic assisted therapy to help clients heal and grow. She specializes in helping individuals navigate trauma, complex trauma, end-of-life processes, and co-occurring disorders. She finds Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) particularly exciting as it creates an ideal and powerful setting for inner healing. Lauren feels honored to walk alongside individuals on their healing journey and finds this work deeply inspiring...

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