Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery


Traumatic events can include things from a person’s childhood such as abuse or an event from adulthood such as a violent encounter, a medical experience such as traumatic birth, or military combat.

What Does Trauma Treatment Look Like?

Having a safe and unbiased environment to be able to process the trauma emotionally is critical. Our trauma specialists make sure that a person feels safe, comfortable, and in control, before we even touch on traumatic experiences. Our team has dedicated years to crafting a cutting-edge approach to trauma recovery. We offer a range of approaches to support our clients as they heal after trauma.

Trauma Recovery Services at Catalyst:

Understanding EMDR

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a structured treatment method that employs specific physical movements to reprocess traumatic or frightening events. Sometimes the re-telling of a painful story can be re-traumatizing if it is not done in an environment where you know you are safe and in control. When you re-tell a story using EMDR it will often feel very different because you are in the “driver’s seat,” and can stop or slow down at any time. EMDR reworks how trauma memories are stored in the brain so that the event can finally be processed successfully and in a new way.

EMDR seems to have a direct effect on the way that your brain processes information.

When you are highly distressed, your brain cannon process information and create memories as it typically would. Instead, when you experience something that is highly distressing or feels traumatic to you, the memory of this even can become “frozen in time” and when remembering the event, you can feel just as bad as when you went through it the first time.

During a successful EMDR session, your brain is able to resume normal information processing. After reprocessing the painful memory you still remember what happened, but it is less upsetting to think about.

Meet The Therapists

Trauma Therapists Accepting New Clients

Sarah Long, PsyD, LCP

Dr. Sarah Long is a gifted psychologist with over a decade of experience helping people to heal from the impacts of traumatic events and recover from eating disorders. Dr. Long leads the Eating Disorder team at Catalyst, provides EMDR, Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. Dr. Long also uses her expertise in Collaborative...

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Mary Miller, MS, LCSW

Mary Miller, LCSW is known for creating a space where clients feel safe and comfortable to work through even the most difficult events. She is passionate about her work helping people heal from trauma, improve their relationships, and begin to thrive in their lives. She is warm, trustworthy, and has...

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Libby Korell, MSW, LCSW

Libby Korell, LCSW is passionate about her work helping people heal from complex, multilayered traumatic histories. She has special expertise in helping children and families coping with life limiting illness, abuse, major trauma and loss. She works with children, adults and parents in a caring, direct, and warm manner...

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Lauren Pinneo, MSW, LCSW, LAC

Lauren Pinneo, LCSW is a passionate advocate for her clients, supporting them as they heal from painful traumas. She uses her expertise in EMDR and psychedelic assisted therapy to help clients move forward in a new direction. She connects easily, using her relaxed, informal style while also ensuring her depth...

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Katie Godfrey, PhD, LMFT

Dr. Katie Godfrey, LMFT is a seasoned expert in trauma recovery with EMDR, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and LGBTQ+ Affirming care. She brings her passion for helping her clients thrive into every session. Katie is approachable, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to...

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Joey Tadie, PhD, LCP

Dr. Joey Tadie is a talented psychologist with a gift for connecting with people. He is trained in EMDR and psychedelic-assisted therapy. He brings his high-energy, encouraging style to his work with clients dealing with depression, relationship problems, and trauma. He has special expertise in exploring spirituality and religion in...

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Hannah Pitts, MSW, LCSW

Hannah Pitts is passionate about her work with children, new mothers and parents, and complex, multilayered traumatic histories. Hannah has provided trauma-informed care to children, teens, and adults for nearly a decade. She works with all ages to provide sound care for all of her clients in a compassionate, non-judgmental...

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Erin Staniszeski, MSW, LCSW

Erin Staniszeski, LCSW is passionate about her work with survivors of mass shootings, childhood trauma, and complex, multilayered traumatic histories using EMDR and Brainspotting. She is an expert in EMDR, training and supervising clinicians for certification. Erin is able to sit with your story, no matter what you have been...

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Dorothy Moon, PsyD, LCP

Dr. Dorothy Moon is a psychologist with 10+ years of experience, she is a gifted couples and EMDR therapist who provides intensives to clients ready to dive in to healing. Dorothy is a certified EFT clinician. She uses EMDR, EFT, and somatic therapies to help adults and couples on a...

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CJ Clinkscales, PsyD

Dr. CJ Clinkscales is an intuitive clinician who has a gift for connecting deeply with clients. He brings a depth psychology perspective to his work in therapy, with adults and couples. He uses his skills in EMDR and psychedelic-assisted therapy to support deep, lasting healing. CJ is an LGBTQIA+ affirming...

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Chelsea Campbell, PsyD, LCP

Dr. Chelsea Campbell is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the Assessment Coordinator at Catalyst. She brings a direct but caring approach to her work with couples and individuals. She has special expertise in working with athletes, high achievers, and couples communication. Working with Chelsea in therapy or assessment will help...

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Allison Kalivas, MA, MFTC

Allison Kalivas, MFTC is an empowering therapists who brings her genuine care and curiosity to each person she works with. Her specialties include EMDR, Eating Disorder Recovery, and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. Allison's is not afraid to be in a tough place with you. She knows that coming into therapy...

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AJ Grovert, PsyD, LCP

Dr. AJ Grovert is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with expertise in EMDR, perinatal mental health, psychological assessment and psychedelic-assisted therapy. She has significant experience and passion for working with Jewish clients, LGBTQ+ communities, female veterans, and those recovering from religious traumas. She has been in practice for over 10...

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Trauma therapists not currently accepting new clients

Lies van Bekkum, PsyD, LCP

Dr. Lies van Bekkum is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Perinatal Coordinator at The Catalyst Center...

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Kendra Doukas, MS, LMFT

Kendra Doukas, LMFT is the Clinical Director of The Catalyst Center. Kendra is an experienced...

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Karmen Thulin, PsyD, LCP

Dr. Karmen Thulin is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist serving clients remotely. She is easy to...

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Erin Jacklin, PsyD, LCP

Dr. Erin Jacklin, CEO and founder of The Catalyst Center is passionate about psychedelic assisted...

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Hear from our team

Hear from our team about trauma recovery

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ketamine, ketamine therapy, trauma, safe ketamine treatment

Fully Supported KAP: Prioritizing Safety and Healing for Trauma Treatment

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) has compelling research supporting its use for treating various forms of depression. There is also emerging research that psychedelic-assisted therapies such as KAP might have utility for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). At The Catalyst Center, we use a model for KAP that includes having a trained therapist in the room…...

Unveiling Life’s Purpose Through EMDR Therapy

In life's journey, finding our purpose can often feel like navigating through a thick fog. As a therapist, I've witnessed how Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy can serve as a beacon, guiding individuals through the mist of their past experiences toward a clearer understanding of their life's purpose.  The Healing Power of EMDR…...

EMDR with Children

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is an evidence-based practice initially developed by Francine Shapiro in 1987 as an intervention to overcome the psychologically devastating effects of trauma. EMDR with kids follows the same 8-phase protocol as EMDR does for adults, with the main differences being what it looks like and how we talk…...
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Unmasking the Heroes: Mental Health and First Responders

I will proudly tell anyone who will listen that my dad spent his career as a ranger in the National Park Service. Now retired, spending his days walking his dog and playing his guitar, you’d never know that in the 1970s and 1980s, he was a search and rescue ranger, performing rescues by foot, rope,…...
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Differentiating High and Low Dose KAP

Our practice offers several different types of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) sessions. Specifically, we offer both high-dose and low-dose KAP sessions, and each style offers unique opportunities and advantages.  High-Dose KAP: High-dose KAP sessions are particularly useful for addressing treatment-resistant depression but are also helpful in “resetting” the brain, disrupting rigid cognitive patterns/beliefs, or processing…...
medical trauma

For Families and Individuals Experiencing Medical Trauma or Difficult Diagnoses

Medical trauma creates change you don’t choose, healing is about creating change you do choose - Michelle Rosenthal Having a medically fragile child is a journey no one chooses. Yet, so many families are impacted by life-ending medical diagnoses, medical diagnoses that are life-changing for the child and the family, and even routine medical treatments…...

Navigating the Depths of Trauma Through Existential Trauma Treatment

Existential trauma, a realm often overlooked in traditional therapeutic approaches, delves into the profound impact of traumatic experiences on one's fundamental sense of existence. Unlike more conventional therapies that focus solely on symptoms and coping mechanisms, existential trauma treatment delves into the core questions of meaning, purpose, and identity that are shaken by life-altering events.…...

KAP: A New Dawn for Those Battling Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

In the relentless pursuit of caring for others, it's not uncommon for healthcare professionals and first responders to encounter the twin shadows of burnout and compassion fatigue. These are not just mere occupational hazards but deep emotional and psychological states that significantly impact your well-being and efficacy. As a therapist, I'm here to introduce a…...
childhood trauma, healing from childhood trauma, therapy for men

Healing Wounds: How Men Can Begin Healing from Early Childhood Abuse through Therapy

The impact of early childhood experiences on an individual's mental and emotional well-being cannot be overstated. For men who have faced abuse during their formative years, the effects can linger into adulthood, influencing relationships, self-esteem, and overall quality of life. This blog post explores the crucial importance of men addressing and treating early childhood abuse…...

Healing Trauma Through EMDR

View the linked video in this post to learn about the profound benefits EMDR can have for people struggling with traumatic experiences. You will hear the powerful stories of healing, recovery, and growth that can come through EMDR. The Catalyst Center recognizes the value this treatment can have for so many people and want to continue spreading the word that there is hope for healing!...

What’s all the Buzz about Cortisol and How can Traditional and KAP Help?

The nervous system or automatic nervous system (ANS) and cortisol are closely related to regulating our body's response to stress. The nervous system coordinates and controls all of the body's functions, including its response to stress. Without getting into the nitty-gritty of the ANS, there are two main parts of the nervous system: the sympathetic…...
ketamine therapy

Experiential Benefits of KAP

As a trauma therapist, I am trained in many tools to help aid trauma reprocessing and healing. I have been inspired by the Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) work I am privileged to be doing at The Catalyst Center. I have seen significant evidence that trauma needs to be healed through our bodies more than our…...
ketamine assisted psychotherapy

Why First Responders Should Consider Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

First Responders often work in high-intensity situations and are at far higher risk for exposure to trauma than most other professions. This risk for trauma exposure only worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many First Responders have been on the front lines of addressing the international health crisis. The cumulative nature of such frequent exposure…...
EMDR, EMDR Therapy

EMDR Intensive

EMDR Intensives Have you tried traditional therapy but still feel stuck? Have you been meaning to start therapy for a while now, but due to your busy schedule, it has been hard to find the time to commit to weekly sessions? Is there something you know you need to work on but have been avoiding…...
psychedelic assisted therapy

What to Know about Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is getting a lot of attention, with Ketamine clinics popping up all over the place and a lot of buzz and hype around the use of psychedelics in mental health treatment. Articles are being released in many large mainstream media outlets about the magic of psychedelic use in mental health. Many of us…...
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