Kendra Doukas

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Clinical Director, The Catalyst Center
Program Director, Ardent Grove Foundation

Bearing witness to the sacred process of healing

Kendra is passionate about her work helping individuals, couples, and families to heal and rebuild after major losses and traumatic events. Many clients often tell her that they appreciate how warm and approachable she is, and how knowledgeable she is about ways to treat the effects of disconnection, loss, and trauma.

Many people seek Kendra out when they have tried therapy before and feel as though nothing has worked – her approach can benefit those who have not been helped by other forms of treatment. She works to identify the root cause instead of trying to treat the symptoms.

Kendra excels at helping her clients to achieve healing that they didn’t know was possible by blending well-researched approaches to treatment with her gentle and compassionate demeanor.

Kendra believes in the connection between our minds and our bodies. She helps her clients to achieve peace and healing by utilizing mindfulness techniques and helping them to address the ways that they hold stress and tension in their bodies, especially after a traumatic event or a major physical transformation such as the birth of a child.

Her clients learn how to listen to their bodies and their emotions so that they can sustain the positive changes brought on by therapy.

Kendra is a Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Provider. Learn more about her specialty in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Hear From Kendra

I view the experience of therapy as sacred and feel honored and privileged that my clients allow me into their lives. I love that my job means getting to bear witness to healing and the authentic human experience. I utilize my specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help people to heal from the effects of past and current traumas. I blend my EMDR training with an interpersonal therapeutic style and research-based information. I take a practical skills approach when indicated and combine this with deeper work. A deep understanding of attachment informs all of my work and it is through this lens I calculate how each of my clients can find healing and happiness.

I am passionate about helping individuals, couples, children and families heal from past hurts and grow in new and positive directions. My training in family dynamics as well as trauma, grief, and loss prepares me in working with children and families who have experienced a major life change such as divorce, re-marriage, moving, or the death or sickness of a family member.

I excel in my work with young children and practice in a hands-on manner that kids can relate to. Through play we explore children’s emotions and beliefs about how they are able to be in the world. I provide children with a space to be themselves and have the goodness in them reflected back.

I excel at helping couples and families to improve their patterns of communication and learn to enjoy each other again. I am eager to take on even very tough couple issues and willing to work with couples who are either trying to reconnect again or couples who are trying to peacefully separate.

~Kendra Doukas, MS, LMFT

Kendra’s Education, Training
and Experience

  • 2023 Trained and Certified, Safe and Sound Protocol
  • 2022 Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Provider, Integrative Psychiatry Institute
  • 2009 M.S. Human Development and Family Studies, concentration of Marriage and Family Therapy , Colorado State University
  • 2007 Certificate in Women’s Studies, Colorado State University
  • Advanced Training:
  • 2019 Memory Reconsolidation, The Flash Technique & EMDR Training
  • 2018 Advanced EMDR training in the Attachment-Focused EMDR protocol
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Training, Basic Certification

In addition to her private practice experience, she has counseled individuals at Larimer County Community Corrections and at Crossroads Safehouse.

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Kendra’s Recent Research, Presentations, and Publications

  • Thesis: Making Meaning of Turning Point Events and Life Purpose: Implications for Power versus Benevolence
  • Jacklin, E., Doukas, K. (2013). Intersections of Trauma and Gender Variant/Transgender Identity: Treatment Considerations for Compassionate, High-Quality care. Paper Presentation at Colorado Gold Rush Conference, Denver, CO
  • Jacklin, E., Doukas, K. (2012). Guide to Assessing Postpartum Mood Disorders. Presented in Multiple Medical Office In-Service Trainings throughout the Denver Metro Area
  • Doukas, K., Thulin, K. (2019) Trauma Informed Response to School Violence. Presentation at the Safe Spaces Summit, Denver, CO

Featured in Colorado Parent Magazine


  • Contributor to the Colorado State University FAIR curriculum website
  • Various presentations about Partner Abuse and Teen Dating Violence
  • Family and Diversity Presentation at Colorado State University for Married Student Housing

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