Frequently Asked Questions

I have never done this before, how do I get started? Do I need to know what specialties and types of therapy I need or want?

We are happy to get you started! When you contact us, we will help match you to a clinician. All of our clinicians are trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Neurofeedback. They come from varied backgrounds and have specialties that differentiate them from one another. Our admin team, Leah and Jenn, know the staff and their specialties very well and can help you with a recommendation to get you on your way to booking your free 30-minute initial consultation.

Calling is easy and we make it as painless as possible, Leah or Jenn might ask you a few questions to help match you with the best fit such as, ‘Do you have a person in mind? Are you looking for something specific? Do you have a male or female preference?’ You will never be asked to give any information that you are not comfortable with. Please let us know if you have prefered pronouns or a prefered name.

If you submit a form below, we will contact you using your requested method (phone, email or text). Our admin team is generally in the office between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

During your consultation, you can go into more detail and collaboratively work with your therapist to find the best path forward to address your goals. The therapists will be able to speak to what types of therapy they would recommend to get you there.

What are your rates?

Regular Business Hour Appointments:

Individual Therapy (55-60 minutes)
Brief Therapy Session (30 minutes)
Psychological Assessment
Comprehensive Psychological Assessment (full battery) $3,995 Targeted Assessment $3,055

Neurofeedback Session (45 minutes)
Couple/Family Therapy (55-60 minutes)
Consultation/Supervision (per hour)

Add Ons

Weekend, Early Morning, and Evening Appointments (sessions starting before 9:00 am-5:00 pm) + $15
Add Neurofeedback to Therapy Appointment
+ $20

Do you take insurance?
Like many therapists in Denver, we do not directly bill insurance. We are a private pay practice. This means that our clients pay directly for services at the time of the appointment. We accept cash, check, credit card and are able to accept many FSA or HSA cards. We have chosen to operate as a private pay practice in order to maintain your complete confidentiality and to operate with full clinical independence. We do not share any information about our clients with insurance companies and treat our clients based on our expertise rather than permitting an insurance company to dictate the frequency, length, or type of treatment you deserve.

We may be considered an out-of-network provider by your insurance company. At your request, your clinician is able to provide you with an insurance ready form (CMS-1500) that you can submit to your insurance company. Please let your therapists know if you think you will want these forms so we can be sure to make them available for you.

If you have any questions about your insurance benefits, please contact your insurance company to see if they reimburse for out-of-network providers. We do not contact insurance companies on behalf of our clients, nor are we able to answer any questions about your insurance coverage.

Can you see me if I have Medicaid? What if I can pay out of pocket?
We are not a Medicaid provider. We are not allowed to treat anyone who is covered under Medicaid, even if they want to pay out of pocket. Based on our conversations with Medicaid representatives we have been told explicitly that if you are covered under Medicaid, even if you wish to pay out of pocket, you are not permitted to be seen by a non-Medicaid provider. Likewise, as non-Medicaid providers, we are barred from treating anyone who is covered under Medicaid. We did not make these rules, but we are required to follow them. If you have Medicaid please contact Medicaid to find a list of providers who are allowed to see Medicaid clients.

For more information about the regulations see the Code of Colorado Regulations 8.012.2 PROVIDER LIABILITY:
8.012.2.A. Providers are explicitly prohibited from collecting payment, or attempting to collect payment through a third party, from a recipient or the estate of the recipient for the cost or the cost remaining after payment by Medicaid, Medicare, or a private insurer of Medicaid covered items or services rendered to Medicaid recipients.
8.012.2.B. Providers shall be liable to a recipient or the estate of the recipient if the Provider knowingly receives or seeks collections through a third party of an amount in payment for Medicaid covered items or services.
8.012.2.C. Providers are prohibited from collecting, or attempting to collect, payment from recipients for Medicaid covered items or services regardless of whether Medicaid has actually reimbursed the Provider and regardless of whether the Provider is enrolled in the Colorado medical assistance program.
8.012.2.D. Providers shall be liable for the amount unlawfully received, statutory interest on the amount received from the date of receipt until the date of repayment, plus a civil monetary penalty equal to one half of the amount unlawfully received.

How often will I meet with a therapist?
Your therapist will work with you to establish your therapy schedule based on your goals and the level of support you are looking for. Most often, our clients come weekly at the beginning of therapy. After you have established a relationship with your therapist, you are making good progress towards your goals, and you both feel like you are ready to reduce frequency, you might elect to come every other week or at a frequency you and your therapist choose.
How long will I be in therapy?
Length of therapy is a collaborative decision. We never want to keep you longer than you want or need to be in therapy. We love to see our clients meet their goals and thrive. Your therapist will work with you to set your goals and move forward accordingly. For many of our clients, the beginning of therapy is about diving into the immediate concern that caused you to seek therapy initially. Early treatment involves helping you to achieve your goals such as reduced symptoms or improved relationships. Some clients choose to graduate from therapy once they have met their initial goals, and know they can come back at any time if needed. Others find being in consistent therapy is an important part of their long term health, or feels like a positive way to stay on top of chronic mental health issues. We believe that therapy can be helpful both as a short term way to address immediate challenges and as a long term part of your ongoing personal growth, mental wellness, and/or self-care.
Do you offer remote therapy appointments?

Covid-19 Update: Currently all therapy sessions for new and existing clients are being done via teletherapy/virtual therapy to keep everyone healthy. 

Virtual therapy can be a great option for people living in rural areas or in the mountain communities of Colorado. Due to licensing regulations, you must reside in the state of Colorado to be seen remotely by one of our therapists.

If you live in the mountains or in a rural area, or have other barriers to attending in person therapy appointments, we are happy to offer remote therapy. We offer video therapy appointments using a HIPAA compliant video therapy system that can be used from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

We are able to adapt trauma techniques for virtual therapy which can include EMDR and Flash.

Can I do my consultation over the phone?

Due to Covid-19 all new consults will be done using teletherapy/virtual therapy.

The purpose of the initial consultation session is to ensure goodness of fit between therapist and client and we find that this is best done face-to-face using the medium you plan to use for therapy sessions.

Do you provide medication management?

Yes, we do. Adrienne Long, PMHNP, provides psychiatry. Adrienne specializes in: 

If medication is part of your mental health treatment, we can collaborate with your existing prescriber. If you aren’t sure if medication might be helpful to you, you and your therapist can talk about this, and they can help you decide how to proceed. We can also collaborate with your family doctor, primary care physician, OBGYN, or midwife to support your medication needs.

If I don’t feel like I found the right fit right away, can I make an appointment with someone else?
When considering therapy, it is vital to find the right fit with a therapist you can open up to and trust. Sometimes, the first therapist you meet is not the right fit. If your initial consultation session does not result in a great fit with a therapist, you are welcome to set up another initial consultation session with another Catalyst therapist or we can recommend other therapists in the area if you prefer. Our therapists never take this personally. We believe everyone deserves to find a great fit with a therapist, even if it isn’t with us.
Will you share my information with anyone?

Confidentiality and privacy are at the heart of good, ethical therapy. We will never share any of your information with anyone without an authorized release of information signed by you. If someone contacts us asking for information about you, we will neither confirm nor deny that you are a client here unless we already have explicit written permission from you to speak with that person. If we do have your written permission, we will only share the specific information that you have given us permission to share.

Read more about our privacy policy here: Privacy Notice – The Catalyst Center (catalystcenterllc.com)

Can I make an appointment for someone else?
If you are calling for your child, yes of course you can. If you are calling for an adult, we can give you information and even hold a time for them, but they will need to confirm the appointment. We are able to hold an appointment for 48 hours.
Are there specialties that you do not see?
  • Substance abuse: We do not have anyone on our staff who specializes in substance abuse so are not a good fit as your primary therapist if you are currently struggling with active substance abuse. If you are in recovery and have substance abuse specific support in place, we may be a good fit to work on related issues such as mood, anxiety, or relationships. We also work with clients who are in long term recovery and are interested in understanding their deeper challenges, managing mood or anxiety issues, or working on their relationships. If your main therapeutic goal is around active substance abuse, we are not the best fit.
  • Custody evaluations or court ordered therapy: We do not do custody evaluations or court ordered therapy.
  • Animal evaluations: Like most therapists, we will not certify an Emotional Service Animal without an established relationship with a client. If you are calling with getting an emotional support animal letter as your main goal, we are not the right fit.
  • Disability: Like most therapists, we will not sign disability papers without having an established, ongoing relationship with a client. If you are looking for someone to fill out disability forms, we are not the right fit. 

The Therapists

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Read about each therapist, check out their blog posts, browse what others have to say about them, and see who resonates with you. When you are ready to make you choice, just give us a call at 720-675-7123 to set up your free initial consultation. Want help deciding? No problem. Just contact us and we will tailor a recommendation for you.

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