Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Our therapists excel at helping couples strengthen their relationships during times of transition.

We are passionate about helping couples prepare for marriage and the birth of a child, and we offer parent coaching to help you clear the hurdles that come with raising a family in these complex times.

We also excel at helping couples rebuild after significant challenges like loss, separation, or infidelity.

Couples Therapy F.A.Q

Many people have questions about Couples Therapy. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get asked:

Do we have to be in a crisis to benefit from couples therapy?

No. In fact, many of the couples that benefit from couple’s counseling at The Catalyst Center are not in a major crisis. We excel at helping couples to deepen their relationships and to proactively head off potential bumps in the road. Many people seek us out because something just isn’t feeling right, they find they are in the same argument over and over, or just want to strengthen their relationship. Often the issues that aren’t “deal breakers” are actually the perfect issues to bring to couples therapy.

What happens in a couple's therapy session?
The content of an actual couples session varies based on what you two are working on, but on a basic level we often work on building relationship skills as well as emotional processing of important issues to the couple. Often this involves getting “unstuck” from that argument that seems to keep repeating in your relationship.
What if my partner isn't sure about coming to a couple's therapist?
It is pretty common to have one member of a couple be more excited about getting started in therapy than another. This is part of why we offer every new couple a free initial consultation session. This is a great opportunity to get to know your therapist better and get all your questions and concerns addressed prior to committing to anything.
Should we be seeking individual or couples treatment?
This is a great question – and one that your therapist will explore with you in your initial consultation session if it is a concern of yours. Often couples benefit greatly from working jointly on issues that affect the relationship. In couples therapy both partners typically find they grow individually as well as in their relationship.
I have really messed up, will our therapist side with my partner?
No, your therapist is not going to side with one person or the other. At The Catalyst Center our couples specialists are skilled at understanding and empathizing with both partners – and helping you to see each other’s perspectives. Often it is not helpful to focus on who is “right” or “wrong” in the relationship – but rather to work to understand how the negative pattern developed and what each of you can do to help heal the damage and discover new and healthier ways to interact.

Some of Our Couples Therapy Specialty Areas

Improving Communication

Divorce and Separation

Rebuilding Trust

Expectant Parents

Premarital Counseling

Rekindling Intimacy

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