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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Programs

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Intensives 

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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) integrates Ketamine Experiential Sessions and evidence-based psychotherapy into an intensive program designed to maximize the benefits you may receive from ketamine. Our KAP program offers medically and therapeutically supported ketamine experiences; you will be medically monitored by our on-site medical staff, and you will never be left alone during your Ketamine Experiential Sessions. You will be accompanied by your KAP therapist or one of our trained KAP assistants from beginning to end of your experience. In addition, you will work with one of our team of highly trained KAP therapists to prepare for your experiences and to integrate your insights following your ketamine journeys.

We believe The Catalyst Center’s Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy model prioritizes your comfort and maximizes the effectiveness of ketamine for mental health conditions as well as for personal and spiritual growth.

KAP Program Overview

Step One: Intake and Medical Screening

You and our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will meet to discuss your medical and mental health history, answer any questions you may have about ketamine, and weigh the pros and cons of our KAP program for your specific situation. If you are medically cleared, you will work together with our medical team to determine if KAP is the best option for you at this time and if so, which program is most appropriate for your goals.

Step Two: Preparatory Sessions

You and your KAP therapist meet for one or two sessions to discuss your history and set intentions for your ketamine sessions. You will talk through what to expect and explore your preferences for how your therapist can support you during and after your experiential sessions.

 Step Three: Ketamine Experiential Sessions

You will be fully supported medically and therapeutically throughout each of your Ketamine Experiential Sessions. Sessions are approximately two hours with additional recovery time as needed. Plan to take the rest of the day off on your Ketamine Experiential Session days. You will need a ride home after each ketamine session.

Step Four: Integration Sessions

You and your KAP therapist will meet in the days following each Ketamine Experiential Session to integrate what came up for you in your experiential session and more deeply internalize the experience.

70.8% of depressed patients were responders to ketamine

ketamine significantly reduces suicidal ideation in patients with depression

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KAP Protocols

We have developed several protocols based upon the existing research on the efficacy of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for mental health conditions. Additionally, we have developed programs for people seeking personal and spiritual development and for mental health professionals seeking professional development and a legal, safe psychedelic experiential learning opportunity.

Depression and Anxiety Protocol

We offer an Intensive 3-week KAP Program which is based on the protocols used in research on ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression. This protocol has strong efficacy evidence for treating Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) with over 70% of patients responding to the treatment.  It has also shown promise for the treatment of anxiety disorders. Our Intensive 3-Week Protocol is recommended for patients experiencing significant symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. Our Depression and Anxiety Protocol involves a total of six (6) Ketamine Experiential Sessions generally twice a week over three weeks.  Preparatory and integration therapy sessions are included in the package to help maximize the impact of the Ketamine Experiential Sessions.

PTSD Protocol

For people experiencing symptoms of PTSD we recommend a flexible approach to scheduling your Ketamine Experiential Sessions. In our clinical experience, going slow and allowing adequate time to process content between Ketamine Experiential Sessions is important when people are working to resolve symptoms related to PTSD. Often people working through PTSD symptoms complete their six (6) Ketamine Experiential Sessions over a longer time frame and may benefit from additional integration sessions throughout the process.

Eating Disorder Protocol

For people experiencing symptoms of an eating disorder, we recommend consulting with a member of our eating disorder team lead by Sarah Long, Psy.D., CEDS to support you during your Ketamine Experiential Sessions. Our Eating Disorders Protocol is a flexible program which includes between three (3) and six (6) Ketamine Experiential Sessions based upon comorbid diagnoses and medical stability. Additional preparatory and integration sessions may be recommended depending on the client.

Personal Growth and Spiritual Exploration Program

We offer shorter exploratory KAP programs for people who do not have severe mental health symptoms and may not need the full researched treatment protocol to meet their goals. Our Personal and Spiritual Growth Program consists of three (3) Ketamine Experiential Sessions accompanied by preparatory and integration sessions. The majority of the research on ketamine has been done with people experiencing severe symptoms. Our shorter personal growth protocol is recommended for people who are not experiencing severe mental health symptoms and are instead interested in KAP for personal growth, getting “unstuck” in life, and/or spiritual development. Custom options are available if needed.

Therapist Exploratory Program

 Professional training programs in psychedelic integration generally recommend clinicians have their own psychedelic experiences prior to working with clients in psychedelic integration. Ketamine offers a safe and legal option to gain this important experience. We are committed to offering psychedelic experiences to clinicians who feel called to this important work. For mental health professionals interested in learning more about KAP we offer professional consultation to learn about KAP and ala carte Ketamine Experiential Sessions for professional development with preparatory and integration sessions designed to offer both professional and personal growth opportunities.

Custom options may be available depending on your situation. Discounts are available as needed for first responders, mental health and medical professionals.

Begin Your Journey

If you are interested in learning more about The Catalyst Center Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy program, or to join our waitlist for the next available KAP intensive, fill out the form below or give us a call at 720-675-7123

Meet Our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Team

Adrienne Long

Adrienne is a board-certified, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). She provides Medication Management. She is dedicated to collaborative, evidence-based, and integrative care for adults, adolescents, and children. 

Sarah Long

Sarah sees her role as walking alongside her clients on the journey towards greater health, meeting you where you are now and helping you take the next step in your journey when you are ready.

Allison Kalivas

Allison’s is not afraid to be in a tough place with you. She knows that coming into therapy can be a vulnerable experience. She will be your co-pilot, sitting with you in your experience and motivating you to focus on your goals.

Kendra Doukas

Kendra Doukas is passionate about her work helping individuals, couples, and families to heal and rebuild after major losses and traumatic events.

Karmen Thulin

If you are ready to make a change and give yourself the gift of healing, Karmen may be a great fit for you. She is easy to connect with, deeply compassionate, and has the training and knowledge needed to help you reach your goals.

Joey Tadie

Dr. Joey Tadie is a talented psychologist with a gift for connecting with people and helping them to transform their lives.

Erin Jacklin

Dr. Erin Jacklin is the owner and clinical director of The Catalyst Center. She hand-picked each therapist at the center.

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