Joey Tadie

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Manager, The Catalyst Center

Energetic, Empowering, Compassionate

I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to work as a psychedelic-assisted therapist. My graduate training barely mentioned psychedelics, except to say that abusing psychedelic substances could facilitate the development of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. Even the possibility of initiating a mental health crisis was enough for me to caution clients against using these substances in any setting. However, I have learned that there was much more to psychedelic medicine than I thought. Some of these medicines have been used in religious, ceremonial, and cultural contexts for thousands of years. In addition, research has increasingly demonstrated that psychedelic medicines delivered in monitored clinical settings have immense potential for treating mental health problems. In fact, some psychedelic treatment protocols appear to offer superior outcomes compared to existing treatment types. When used appropriately, such medicines appear to have remarkable healing effects that can offer long-term benefits to a range of mental health problems. In addition, there are many ways to manage and mitigate potential risks so that individuals can experience productive transformation rather than negative outcomes. The addition of psychedelic-assisted therapy has revolutionized my treatment approach, and I have felt more equipped to help clients heal than ever before in my career. The approach requires that individuals be willing to go deep and be willing to do the work. However, the reward from said work is immeasurable in terms of self-insight, symptom reduction, and more sustainable mental wellness. 

I have spent the last year training to become a Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapist by learning how to tap into the healing opportunities offered through psychedelic medicines. The more I have learned, the more hopeful I feel about the potential psychedelic medicines have to help free individuals from the ongoing hardship of chronic mental health cycles. These medicines are not a “magic cure,” but they offer opportunities for clients to “go behind the curtain” of their psyche. Individuals can examine their inner patterns, emotional blocks, or unproductive thought cycles from a more open, flexible perspective. This can give individuals a real chance to reorient their thinking, face emotional pain, and resolve inner conflicts. Think of it as moving from the bottom of a valley where your view of things is limited to the top of a mountain. From the new vantage point on top of the mountain, you can see the valley from a different perspective and the surrounding area that was previously blocked from view while you were down in the valley.

I am most excited about the healing opportunities offered through psychedelic-assisted therapy for clients facing chronic depression, anxiety, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. These problems are often painful, disruptive, and even demoralizing for clients who have endured them for years. I have spent much of my career trying to learn new approaches to bring relief to clients who were chronically stuck in negative mental health cycles. Although interventions such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing have been incredibly useful in my practice, psychedelic-assisted therapies have profound healing potential, making them game changers. They offer a unique lens for clients to explore themselves, their relationships, and their lives. Moreover, physiological mechanisms help individuals be more flexible and open to change, which can turn the tide for clients who are constantly stuck in cycles of inflexible thought patterns. Psychedelic-assisted therapies help clients to go deeper in ways that allow them to process and resolve psychological wounds at foundational levels. I feel that carefully applying psychedelic medicines can be a transformative experience for clients. I strive to create a safe, secure, healthy therapeutic space for this work to occur. The healing process is a journey; responsible use of psychedelics can significantly facilitate growth, healing, and effective change.  


  • 2011 Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasedena, CA
  • 2009 M.A. Psychology, Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasedena, CA
  • 2007 M.A. Theology, Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasedena, CA
  • 2005 B.A. Psychology, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA

Advanced Training

  • 2022 Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Provider, Integrative Psychiatric Institute
  • 2019 Memory Reconsolidation, The Flash Technique & EMDR Training
  • 2016 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Training, Basic Certification


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  • Bjorck, J. P., Braese, R. W., Tadie, J. T., & Gililland, D. D. (2010). The Adolescent religious coping scale: Development, validation, and cross-validation. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 16, 343-359.


  • Tadie, J.T. (2011) Adolescents’ Relgious Coping, Gratitude, and Psychological Functioning, Fuller Theological Seminary

Specialty Areas

Hear What People are Saying about Dr. Joey Tadie

I love how Dr. Tadie takes the time to really get to know an assessment client as a complex person and explains all the assessment findings in clear, easy to understand language. Instead of throwing a bunch of confusing psych words at you and handing you a huge jargon-filled report, Joey translates all of that stuff into everyday language. He writes in language that makes sense and crafts personalized recommendations just for you.

~ Dr. Erin Jacklin, Owner

Joey holds everyone in high regard and uses his personality and energy to affect positive change in his clients. His clients feel a genuineness from him that is refreshing.

~Kendra Doukas, MS, LMFT

Joey is warm and welcoming to everyone. He can explain his ideas in a way that is easily understandable, and can also help you to feel comfortable and accepted.  He cares so much for his clients, friends, and loved ones. He brings this ability to show love, concern, respect, gratitude, and appreciation for the work he does with his clients to every interaction and every conversation.

~ Dr. Courtney Klein

Joey is an incredible member of our team. His enthusiasm for his work and for life in general is contagious. He is passionate, positive, thoughtful, and full of energy. Over the years I’ve learned that beneath his upbeat exterior, Joey is a deep thinker and has a depth of knowledge about mental health that is incredibly helpful to his colleagues and his clients. I have worked closely with him on several collaborative assessments and have been impressed with his ability to see people in a complex, respectful manner and his dedication to providing the highest quality experience to his clients.

~ Dr. Erin Jacklin

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