“It is a common misconception that religiousness or spirituality have no place in the therapy room. People tend to believe you attend church for your spiritual needs and attend therapy for a multitude of other, “real world” issues. While there are exceptions to this, I do often notice that people of faith tend not to bring spiritual concerns into session, as it is perhaps viewed as an incompatible setting. I believe our spirituality and religious beliefs are deeply tied to our personhood and are well worth considering in the context of therapeutic work. As an integrative therapist, I view spiritual perspectives as an important aspect of our unique diversity and feel you can enhance your experience of therapeutic exercises by incorporating such perspectives.

Integration of spirituality into therapy must always occur sensitively and with profound appreciation for a diversity of viewpoints. Your religious perspective might differ from my own, even if we both identify with the same religious community. I believe it is imperative that I remain open to assisting you by deeply connecting to therapeutic concepts within your individual spiritual context. When done with care, integrative therapy can allow therapeutic experiences to be especially memorable and fundamentally life enhancing.”

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