When people think of therapy, they typically think about working on mental health issues and resolving trauma.  What most people don’t realize is that many subcategories of therapy go beyond treating mental illness, and one of these is Executive Coaching.

Executive Coaching is a form of support geared towards professionals that aids in building self-awareness, increasing skills to more successfully navigate the workplace, and resolving blocks that hinder peak performance.

Before my tenure in clinical settings, I worked in the corporate world as the Consumer Insights Director for a global strategy and marketing consultancy, designing brand strategies for Fortune 500 companies.  It was a fast-paced world that required quick thinking, tough skin, and physical and mental stamina.  

Those who work in corporate and high-powered settings know that it’s not enough to have the intellectual acumen to do the job correctly; working your way up the ladder requires resilience, determination, and social finesse to navigate the complexities of the inner political systems. 


This is where Executive Coaching becomes an invaluable tool for those who wish to progress in their careers confidently and sustainably. 

At the Catalyst Center, I frequently work with high-powered and successful business owners, executives, lawyers, doctors, and those just entering the corporate world.  In a session, we work together to help you overcome blocks like imposter syndrome, fear of speaking up or speaking out, perfectionism, and anxiety.  

Executive Coaching can help you understand how to leverage your unique skill set to make you an invaluable player in your workplace, build effective communication skills to help you navigate difficult dynamics, and cultivate a set of wellness practices that supports burnout prevention.

If you have big professional goals that you want to achieve, if you’re battling imposter syndrome, or if you’re feeling tired and burned out and want some support getting back on track show you can show up confidently at work, give our intake line a call at (720) 675-7123 to schedule your free consultation today.  I am currently accepting new clients and am excited to help you make 2023 the successful year you want it to be!



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