Training your Brain for Optimal Health with Neurofeedback

The Catalyst Center offers Neurofeedback brain training (EEG biofeedback). This cutting-edge training program plays a vital role in improving your brain’s self-regulating ability. Why would regulating your brain be important? Many mental health challenges are closely associated with some form of dysregulation in the brain and body, contributing to symptoms such as unhealthy thinking patterns or emotional distress. If we can improve our brain’s ability to self-regulate, we can gain better control over our emotional and behavioral responses to events, relationships, or circumstances. Neurofeedback is one method of helping your brain learn how to regulate more effectively, and this can enhance other forms of therapy you might be accessing. At The Catalyst Center, we use the NeurOptimal program, which uses a nonlinear dynamical approach to train the brain to function as well as possible. You can find more details on our Neurofeedback page. If you are intrigued by the unique benefits Neurofeedback might have to offer, please check out the links below to several informational videos created by the Lake Erie Brain Performance Institute that will share more about how a nonlinear dynamical approach works and what is involved throughout the process of training.

Training Your Brain to Be Flexible and Resilient – Introduction to NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

In this video, you will get a feel for the basic ideas behind NeurOptimal Neurofeedback and how it is similar and different from traditional approaches to Neurofeedback.

What is a session of NeurOptimal Neurofeedback like?

Here is a helpful video walking you through what a session of NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is like. Although this video describes the process at the Lake Erie Brain Performance Institute, which is unique to their practice, we follow similar steps during our training sessions.

What kind of results can you expect with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback?

This is an excellent introduction to the impressive results researchers see with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback.

If you are interested in learning more about neurofeedback or would like to schedule a session, call or text 720.675.7123. You may also fill out the contact form, and someone from our team will contact you shortly. We are now accepting new clients.