Play is a child’s work, and this is not a trivial pursuit. ~ Alfred Adler 

play therapyFrequently parents wonder what is really going on in a session when their child enthusiastically exclaims after a session, “we just played; the toys were awesome.” But what the child isn’t able to explain to their parents due to a developing brain and with a vocabulary still developing is through the use of the doll house and a family of dinosaurs, we were able to address nighttime fears and our changing world when we learn our parents are getting divorced. When we played with the domestic and predatory animals going to school, we addressed our fear of the classroom bully and ways to build skills to feel more comfortable and seek support from trusted adults. When we played with the doctor’s office and doctor toys, we could process our anxiety and fear about having to go to the doctor again for another invasive medical procedure. Through that play, we made a plan and learned that we have the power to advocate for our needs in scary situations. 

Play is a sophisticated form of communication. Children have their unique lens through which they experience the world. I consider it a great honor to sit with a child as they explain in their way what is happening. The world is complex, and children need to process information in a way that they can meaningfully understand. Play is their most fluent language. 

Using my training in principles of Child-Centered Play Therapy, Experiential play therapy, Directed play therapies, art interventions, and pediatric EMDR, I can join a child in their world and address fears, anxieties, relationship difficulties, and trauma.  This allows them the safety and space to find their voice, strength, and competency to move through the difficulty. 

Enter into children’s play, and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet. ~ Virginia Axline

play therapyIt is a privilege to step into a child’s world of play and to assist them and their family on their journey in healing. 

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