We are offering a weekly blog series with a collection of diverse and effective coping techniques and exercises that can help reduce stress, improve mental and emotional well-being, and perhaps make you even more effective in achieving your individual goals. Check back every Wednesday for the newest skill of the week. Try them all out and find what works best for you.

This week, Lauren Jobe, LCSW shares a few self care tips for moms, parents and caregivers.

  1. Incorporate mindfulness into your routine: This includes meditation, deep breathing, yoga, acupuncture and practicing good sleep hygiene. I know that this can be hard to do, especially with little ones but if you can carve out times or trade time with your partner so you can get regular time, even if it is 10 minutes to take deep breaths, it will absolutely benefit your mental wellbeing.
  2.  Ask for help when you need it: Be honest about what you need and don’t be afraid to reach out to your partner or friends and family. And don’t be shy about asking for more support from a professional if you need it. Connect with a therapist or talk to your midwife or doctor if you are feeling like that would help. 
  3. Create community with other moms: This could include a social distance walk if that feels safe, a virtual coffee date, or a group for moms. Check out our group.
  4. Pay attention to your health: Exercise, healthy nutrition, and staying hydrated are really important. Especially when you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Go outside and get fresh air. Even if it is only stepping onto your porch or opening a window and taking a few deep breaths for a few minutes.
  5. Set a realistic bar: Know your own limits and do what you need to do. It is okay to just get to good enough. Letting your child watch a show so you can rest for a few minutes or eat a hot meal is not a selfish act.
  6. Keep something you love for yourself: Becoming a mom changes you and your priorities, but connecting with yourself is important. If you loved to sew or read, try to find time to connect to that piece of you. I used to read multiple books a week, when I had my child, I switched to listening to books while I pushed the stroller on a walk in order to have that experience still. You can find creative ways to connect to yourself again.



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