Alex Smith, M.S.Ed., M.Phil.Ed, LPC

We are excited to introduce Alex as our team’s newest member at the Catalyst Center.

Alex is an Ivy-League-trained therapist and licensed professional counselor with several years of working in eating disorders at the highest levels of care.  She believes that everyone can heal and live the life they dream of living.  Her clients are met with respect and compassion, and find that she is able to hold space without judgment.  Alex has the unique ability to help her clients feel seen, understood, and cared for while providing open and honest feedback that always comes from a belief in your resilience.  Alex will help you recognize the strengths you may not see in yourself and help you use those as part of your healing process.

Alex is trained in ACT, DBT, CBT, and Positive Psychology and loves teaching her clients the skills they need to not only survive but thrive. She has extensive experience with clients suffering from eating disorders and co-occurring concerns, including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and trauma. She loves helping those struggling with body image concerns, compulsive exercise, and self-esteem. Alex also loves working with couples and has years of experience working with both couples and families. Before joining the Catalyst Center, Alex was a Clinical Director at an inpatient and residential eating disorder hospital.  She is a gifted trainer and supervisor and, in her time at the hospital, developed the curriculum for the Intensive Treatment Unit and was frequently sought after as a trainer and educator for staff nationally.  As a clinician who is recovered from an eating disorder herself, she loves showing clients that recovery and a life outside of an eating disorder are possible.

In Her Own Words

If you are seeking treatment for an eating disorder, I know it can be incredibly daunting to imagine life without it.  Together, we will work to identify what’s keeping your eating disorder going, what purpose it serves in your life, and what needs to be healed, processed, or released for you to move forward without it.  I also firmly believe that recovery comes from having a solid toolbelt of skills you can reach for instead of your eating disorder.  We will customize your toolkit so that you leave every session with a tangible takeaway that can help move you toward recovery in your everyday life.
Whether you and your partner are looking to resolve conflict or strengthen your relationship, couples counseling can play an essential role in your journey together.  In my work with couples, I utilize an attachment perspective to help each of you understand how your unique attachment style affects how you interact with one another.  I also strongly focus on helping couples strengthen their emotional identification and communication skills.  For those looking to make an already healthy relationship even stronger, we’ll incorporate some unique principles from Positive Psychology to help you connect more deeply and create more positive experiences together.

I know the courage it takes to make that first step, or maybe you’ve tried therapy before and are nervous to try again. But if you are here reading this, a part of you knows it’s time for more support.  I believe in you and your ability to heal!  You are worthy and capable of the life you want, and I would be privileged to be a part of your journey. I look forward to working with you!



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