Thrive @ Catalyst

Thrive @ Catalyst can help

Thrive @ Catalyst is a process and support space for high school girls
8 week group, Wednesday nights @ 7pm, $45 per group

Group Goals Include:

  • Promoting healthy relationships with self and others
  • Learning skills to express thoughts and feelings in a healthy way
  • Developing assertiveness and learning to set boundaries
  • Identifying core personal values
  • Raising awareness about current challenges facing teen girls
  • Increasing media literacy and identifying propaganda
  • Increasing known protective factors and resillience
  • Learning how to identify early warning signs of mental health issues
  • Knowing when and how to help a friend seek help

Co-leaders Dr. Sarah Long and Dr. Karmen Thulin specialize in working with teen girls.

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Meet Our Team

Karmen Thulin

If you are ready to make a change and give yourself the gift of healing, Karmen may be a great fit for you. She is easy to connect with, deeply compassionate, and has the training and knowledge needed to help you reach your goals.

Sarah Long

Sarah sees her role as walking alongside her clients on the journey towards greater health, meeting you where you are now and helping you take the next step in your journey when you are ready.

Other Groups at The Catalyst Center

New and Expectant Moms Group

A warm and supportive weekly group for new, veteran, and expectant mothers. Get help navigating the addition of a new baby into the family. Find support, education, mindfulness, and a healthy dose of laughter.

The New Moms group is led by Dr. Lies van Bekkum, who specializes in pregnancy and postpartum issues.

Open, ongoing group, call to let us know to expect you.

New Dads Group

A fun and supportive group for new and expectant fathers to connect and learn.

Find support, laughter and helpful information with other dads who get it.

The New Dads Group is led by Dr. Joey Tadie, who specializes in fatherhood and other major life transitions

This group runs in cycles, call to let us know you’d like to join

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Group

This group is for any woman who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss and who wants to connect with a community who are experiencing similar things. The group will also include a partner/support person component so that the whole family can be supported.

The Loss Group is led by Kendra Doukas, who specialized in trauma, grief and loss. The Loss Group is a closed group (meaning its the same people every week) and runs in an 8-week cycle, please call to enroll.

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