Becoming Dad- The good, the bad, and the confusing

Becoming a Dad is one of the most transformational experiences in our lives. Whereas it can often be a time of excitement and anticipation, it is also one of heightened anxiety and stress. There are so many new responsibilities and significant shifts to our priorities, the overall process can be overwhelming at times. Even if you feel you are managing the new stress well, many new Dads want to understand how to optimize their parenting skills to ensure they are at the top of their game.

Become the best dad you can be with the right support and expertise

One of the best opportunities for learning all you can about fatherhood can be through connecting with other new Dads in a setting where you can all share in professional guidance from parenting specialists.

The Coaching Group for new Dads was designed specifically for you. We are taking about the real challenges Dads are facing, and helping fathers to be the best they can be.

Being able to discuss both triumphs and challenges with others who “get it” can be a tremendously empowering experience. You will see that aren’t the only one going through this tumultuous period, and can learn how to approach parenting to make you more effective and confident as a dad.

When you want to improve your golf swing, you go to an expert for tips on how to optimize your approach, the same is true for parenting.

We work to customize the group experience to meet the needs of our members and are always collaborating with men on what they want to learn about most. This group is co-led by two parenting specialists with the knowledge and experience to coach you on optimizing your parenting while also coping with the new pressures of becoming a dad.

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