Let’s take a minute to note the importance of couples work. Relationship distress can contribute to a decline in physical health and a weakening in mental health for those in the relationship. Virtual couples therapy can be a powerful method for couples to strengthen and improve their relationship(s).

Benefits of virtual couples therapy include:

  1. Higher relationship satisfaction
  2. Increased commitment
  3. Readiness for marriage
  4. Improved communication
  5. Improved problem solving
  6. Decreased relational aggression
  7. Increased physical wellness and mental health

And, there are the obvious benefits of internet-based interventions such as high accessibility, privacy of home, less transportation or scheduling conflict, and may circumvent perceived stigma related to couples therapy. Call or text, 720.675.7123 to schedule a free consultation with Allison and learn how virtual couples therapy can help recover not only your relationship, but also your mental and physical health. 

Photo Credit: Photo by Eric Froehling on Unsplash