Having a working partnership does not always come easily. I have learned it takes work to keep a relationship healthy and connected. I deeply believe couples work is something everyone can benefit from. Many couples choose therapy because they’re dealing with a specific challenge, such as communication issues, difficulties around sex, affairs, or considering a breakup, but it can also be used to strengthen connection and, most importantly, it is about helping foster a loving and ever evolving relationship. 

I have personal and clinical experience working with people from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds. I highly value a client’s individual identity in the couple unit. A couple is a complex system with multiple facets, and the individuals in the couple are constantly growing and evolving. The intersection of two individuals is where the magic can be found or created, and through understanding each partner’s experience, I am able to guide the couple through the process of igniting the spark that fosters that magic. I am to create a safe space to balance the felt urgency to fix a couple’s distress, with the patience to properly address the couple’s individual experiences and complexities.

When applying my education and clinical experience to couples and clients, ranging from high-risk adults to multigenerational family systems, I implement a collaborative and personalized approach to accomplish the set goals. I am just as passionate about the process of getting the couple towards their goal(s), as being able to witness the couple empowered and connected upon achieving their goal(s). 

Couples therapy may sound dramatic, but in reality, going to couples therapy can be a very healthy step for a relationship. It indicates that a couple is interested in working on their relationship in a committed, intentional way. If you’re having the same fight over and over again without resolution, it might be time to see a couples therapist. A therapist can also help navigate a hard decision together, such as considering splitting up, a major stressor on the relationship such as infidelity, financial strain, or trauma. But healthy couples benefit too. Couples therapy is a valuable resource to strengthen your relationship skills, foster deeper connection and promote a healthy, working partnership for everyone involved.



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