Believe it or not, this pandemic may actually be an ideal time to pursue Family Therapy. Because therapy is currently teletherapy, scheduling is more flexible. I can also work with family members who live around the state, so location is no longer an issue. So this is a great time to pursue family therapy!

Who is Family Teletherapy for?

With teletherapy, I tend to work with teen and adult family members. Children struggle with online therapy and for those families, I recommend individual or couples therapy with a focus on parent coaching. Family therapy can be helpful for parents and their grown children, adult siblings, or therapy with extended family.  

Some potential areas of focus in Family Therapy:

  • Improve communication
  • Become closer through enhanced empathy and understanding
  • Build and maintain beneficial boundaries
  • Create healthy adult relationships between parents and their grown children
  • Resolve conflict
  • Learn valuable skills to help the family get through stressful situations

What does Family Therapy look like?

Family therapy is quite flexible and fluid. Sometimes I start by meeting with everyone all together on a Zoom call. Other times I meet with family members individually until I am confident all parties are ready to come together and really hear one another.  In family therapy, I work to slow down the process and teach communication skills so that people are expressing emotions and thoughts in a more productive way.

Dr. Godfrey works with select families. She provides a free 30 minute consultation to answer any questions, see if she thinks she can help the family, and to ensure it is a good fit. Call or text, 720.675.7123 or fill out the contact form to schedule your consultation.