So you are trapped at home with your family, now what? First, remember that you love these people. Second, it is going to be okay. This is the perfect time to re-frame this and make this a nice little stay-cation. Why not make this an opportunity to strengthen your family bonds and have some fun in the process. Here is a list of things you can do with things you probably have in your house:

  1. Games/Board Games/Puzzles: Play charades, pull out an old board game or a puzzle. Google some games online that you can play without a board such as, Eat Poop You Cat- a drawing and writing game that is similar to telephone. Make up a new game from other favorites!
  2. Card Games
  3. Craft or hobby: Now is the time to pull out that old hobby or that craft project that you have been meaning to accomplish and finish it! Make this a family affair! Teach your kids how to make something new.
  4. Write actual letters to friends and family
  5. Hide and Seek: After dark, try it with flashlights!
  6. Make puppets out of old sox and have a puppet show
  7. Talent Show
  8. Bake/Cook something new
  9. Dance Party/Get up and Move: Just because you are stuck inside doesn’t mean you are stuck being sedentary
  10. Have a listening party: Introduce your children to favorite albums of yours and listen to some of theirs.
  11. Write a story together: Take turns writing parts of it. Little ones can illustrate and you can write for them.
  12. Scrapbook
  13. Origami/make a diorama
  14. Simon Says
  15. Clean/Redecorate/Reorganize/Re-purpose/De-clutter
  16. Family Movie Night
  17. Read! Read to yourself or read out loud with the whole family.
  18. Venture outside: Go for a walk/hike and just make sure to stay six feet away from other people.  Go fishing!  That is typically an activity you can do in a more secluded area.
  19. Build a fort in the living room or backyard
  20. Have a backyard camp out
  21. Have exercise contests: Who can do the most jumping jacks?  Push-ups?
  22. Go through those photos from that last vacation or special event and actually order some to print
  23. Go to a museum, zoo, library, or national park….virtually!  Many now offer virtual tours
  24. Put the kids in charge of making dinner from start to finish
  25. Learn something new: how to play an instrument, a new language, a new art


Ready to get started?