Solo during quarantine? Here are a list of things to entertain yourself beyond binge watching television.

  1. Use this time to focus on you or reconnect with yourself
  2. Journal
  3. Write/Draw/Paint
  4. Learn something new, like an instrument, a language, or recipe
  5. Read that book you have been meaning to read
  6. Soak in the tub
  7. Learn a craft
  8. Dance! Cause no one is watching!
  9. Listen to new music.  Or old music.  Who were your favorite artists in high school or in your twenties?  Take a trip down memory lane
  10. Get together with a group of friends using technology such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. Have dinner with friends or family online, plan a happy hour, coffee or tea time. Have a game night, role playing games or online board games are good options.
  11. Take a virtual tour of a museum or national park
  12. Write actual letters to friends and loved ones and ask them to write you back.  Don’t forget to mail them
  13. Clean/Redecorate/Reorganize/Repurpose/Declutter
  14. Make a photo book with all of those photos you take and never do anything with!  Order prints online or create a photobook online.
  15. Venture out onto your porch or balcony and connect with neighbors from afar
  16. Call friends and loved ones on the phone and talk to them
  17. Foster or adopt a pet
  18. Get up and move! Exercise has been proven to boost mood and lessen anxiety and depression. Dedicate time you might normally be commuting to some sort of physical activity. There are a million free videos available right now online or get out and walk or hike, just make sure that you are keeping up social distancing guidelines.

Remember that quarantine and social distancing don’t have to mean social isolation. This is unprecedented event and is affecting every facet of our daily lives. Be gentle with yourself. Reach out to your friends and family when you need to and if nothing else, we are here for support!