Fellow music lovers; this self care moment is for you! Whether it is harnessing the the peaceful calm of YoYo Ma’s cello playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, embracing the validation of The Flaming Lips Waiting for Superman, the encouraging motivation of Van Morrison’s Spirit, or embracing Lizzo’s Good and Hell self empowerment to let go of the “bull” and gift yourself time to embrace how music can improve your well being. 

Music has existed for over 40,000 years bridging the communication gap of all humans, sharing emotions, intentions and meaning. The Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, wrote “Where words fail, music speaks.” Music has the ability to cut to the chase and honor our emotional experiences, to lift us up when sad, release our anger in a healthy way, console our moments of grief, to express our creativity and intensify joy. 

Listening to music is one of the few activities that stimulates and utilizes our entire brain. For this reason it is incredibly powerful in supporting those with traumatic brain injuries, stroke survivors and those struggling with dementia and alzheimers. Music has also been proven to ease pain, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, relieve symptoms of loneliness, boost mood and improve cognitive functioning. 

With the current stressors of everyday life on top of the COVID-19 Pandemic, social and political unrest, there is no greater time to make those playlists and let the music speak to you, hold you and provide you with a space for healing. 





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