Erin Staniszeski

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Certified EMDR Therapist (EMDRIA and Maiberger Institute)
Certified EMDR Consultant and Facilitator (EMDRIA and Maiberger Institute)

Present, genuine, unflappable

Erin Staniszeski has a powerful ability to sit with your story, no matter how intense or painful it may be, and hold the space you need to work through it and heal. Having walked alongside many survivors of trauma, Erin carries an unshakable confidence in your ability to break through and thrive, no matter what you’ve experienced.

She is passionate about her work with survivors of mass shootings, childhood trauma, and complex multilayered traumatic histories. An expert in EMDR trauma treatment, Erin helps train other clinicians in this powerful therapeutic tool. When asked about her work training clinicians in EMDR she reflected, “Once I saw the power of EMDR firsthand I knew I had to share it with as many people as I could.”

Erin embodies a unique blend of characteristics, a former summer camp director turned expert trauma therapist, she is at home amidst the vast range of human experiences. She has a gift for seeing you in all your complexity. Erin is comfortable in ambiguity, allowing you to be who you are with no need to fit you into a simple box. She knows you are so much more than what has happened to you, and she has a proven track record of helping people rediscover joy and play, even after incredibly difficult experiences.

Her clients feel safe with her, trusting her strength and her ability to stay centered in the midst of intense work. She can hold space for complexity; she knows how to be present with you in the painful parts of life while also encouraging you to embrace moments of humor and joy. Working with Erin invites you to move beyond “good enough” and achieve deep and lasting healing.

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Hear from Erin


So often when we’ve been through a traumatic situation, we end up feeling like we have to protect the people we share our story with, or they will become overwhelmed too. The beauty of being trained as a trauma therapist is that I can hear your story, be present with your experience, and not react. I can hold your story and you can trust that you will never need to take care of me. Part of what I love about my work is that I am often the first person who is able to hear the full story of what happened. Because I know how to hold your story and help you process through it, I get to be part of the healing. I wish everyone knew what joy and health is possible even after significant trauma.

I often see people who’ve done quite a bit of therapy before, yet are still struggling. Trauma is fundamentally different from other reasons people seek therapy. You may be able to think through what happened and make sense of it cognitively, but then when someone slams a door, your body reacts and everything changes. This is why I bring a focus on the body to my work. We know that trauma is held in the body, and the body needs to be involved in healing from trauma.

I love to dig in and understand how all the aspects of your life have affected you and helped bring you to where you are now. Humans are incredibly complex, I decided to become a social worker because of social work’s focus on understanding the complexity of people and the interconnections within their communities. I want you to know that I will remind you why you are here, I will gently push you forward and hold you accountable to your goals. I know you are capable of feeling better and I don’t want you to be in therapy forever. I want you to achieve deep and lasting healing and go out and be who you were meant to be. Go ahead, bring your mess. We will figure it out together.


~Erin Staniszeski, LCSW



EMDR Certification – 2015
EMDRIA Approved EMDR Consultant – 2019


  • 2008 Masters of Social Work, University of Denver
  • 1998 Bachelor of Science, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston IL

Advanced Trainings

EMDR Basic Training – 2010
Brainspotting, Phase 1 and Phase 2 – 2021
EMDR Therapy and Neurodivergence – 2024
EMDR Therapy and Acute Stress Stabilization and Early Intervention – 2022
EMDR Therapy and Ego States – 2020
EMDR Therapy with Medical & Somatic Conditions – 2019
EMDR Therapy with Grief and Loss – 2017
EMDR Therapy Somatic Interventions – 2014
EMDR Therapy and Attachment Based Trauma – 2013

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