Hear from a real neurofeedback user about how it has helped her with life-long anxiety:
“My struggle is with anxiety, which at times even manifests into all out frustration. I have a tendency to try and “go with the flow” (and I think I’m doing well) until I am overcome with frustration and go into a “everything is stupid” mentality. Since starting neurofeedback I’ve noticed some huge positive changes in this area.

At first, neurofeedback training just felt good. It was relaxing and I kept doing it just because I liked it even though I didn’t necessarily notice any changes. Then, after about 12 sessions, I started to notice that I would have things pop up in life that in the past would have made me anxious, but didn’t. I first noticed an absence of the visceral body sensation for anxiety and I would think, “Hmm, I should probably be anxious about this” even though I didn’t really feel anxious. Then, even those thoughts started to change, too. Now, I’ve noticed a huge decrease in overall anxiety as well as acute anxiety surrounding a stressful life event. It takes much more to get me to the “everything is stupid” mindset, and when I get there I’m able to simply recognize it and let it pass through me in its due time versus dwelling in anger.”

~ No Longer Anxious Neurofeedback User

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