At the Catalyst Center we practice Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment, a well-researched, individualized approach to assessment that has been shown to be beneficial to those who participate in it. We use assessment as an opportunity for brief treatment geared towards answering your questions and planning your next steps towards living the life you desire. As the new year approaches, maybe it is time to start your mental health journey toward healing, wellness, and self-optimization.

assessmentAdult Assessment

Understanding yourself is the first step to changing your Life

Psychological Assessment can be a powerful tool for personal growth, and it is helpful as an adjunct to therapy.  Part of why assessment is so important is that many mental health conditions have a lot in common and are very hard to differentiate. We want to tailor your treatment to your specific strengths and challenges, and a well-done assessment can help speed up the process of getting better by providing a detailed road map.  Assessment can provide answers to questions that are getting in the way of your therapy and help you and your therapist jump into the work with a detailed, hand-crafted plan for how to tailor therapy to your individual personality.

ADHD and Learning Disabilities in Adults

assessmentMany people seek us out for assessment when they feel like something keeps getting in the way of their professional or academic progress. As research and assessment techniques for identifying attention and learning problems has dramatically improved in the last 30 years, we see many adults who struggled in school, but were never diagnosed with a learning disorder or ADHD. If you believe you may be one of the many adults who fell through the cracks as a child and would like to understand your learning style and discover ways to help yourself improve your work and/or academic performance call to set up an appointment to learn how assessment could be beneficial for you.


We also offer Couples Assessment, Family Assessment, Pre-Adoption Assessment, and Child Assessment. Learn more by calling or submitting a contact form today.