Psychiatry for Eating Disorder Recovery

Specialized Psychiatry for
Eating Disorder Recovery

Effective treatment for an eating disorder requires a interdisciplinary team that is both experienced and compassionate. In addition to therapy, nutrition, and medical support, those seeking recovery find that having a psychiatry provider who also has ample knowledge of eating disorders is an integral part of their journey.


As a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, Adrienne Long, PMHNP-BC is dedicated to collaborative, evidence-based, and integrative care for adults and adolescents. Her experience as both a floor and charge nurse and now as a PMHNP at an eating disorder inpatient treatment center has given Adrienne a unique perspective on care for those struggling with eating disorders and co-occurring concerns. She believes collaboration both with her clients and their team is crucial and often works with community partners outside of The Catalyst Center. 

Adrienne considers all aspects of her clients’ lives and approaches client care with compassion and a biopsychosocial framework. In addition to prescribing mental health medications if appropriate, she incorporates brief psychotherapy and addresses potential nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle factors into your comprehensive treatment plan. 

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