Chelsea Towler Campbell, PsyD, LCP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Assessment Coordinator

Couples/Relationship Therapy 

Individual Therapy


Collaborative Psychological Assessment

Family Therapy

Specialty Areas

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum
  • EMDR & Complex PTSD
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • College Students
  • Relationship issues
  • Couples Specialties:

Dr. Chelsea Campbell is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the Assessment Coordinator at Catalyst. She brings a direct but caring approach to her work. She is approachable, easy to talk to, and deeply knowledgeable. Chelsea believes in collaborating closely with her clients to create a unique treatment plan tailored specifically to their needs. Treatment with Chelsea will not only address the challenges that bring you to therapy but will also help you identify and build on your strengths

Couple/Relationship Therapy: Cultivating Connection and Change

Chelsea specializes in working with couples and has over a decade of experience helping couples work through a variety of issues. She is skilled at helping couples overcome gridlocked conflict, the transition to parenthood, affairs, and emotional disconnection. Chelsea begins her work with couples with an in-depth assessment that identifies strengths and challenges. She understands that couples therapy can feel daunting and strives to cultivate hope and optimism that change is possible. Chelsea is also passionate about working with couples who are soon to be married. She guides these couples through premarital counseling that helps them deepen their connection and explore goals for the future.

Individual Therapy: Creating Meaningful, Sustainable Change

In individual therapy, Chelsea creates a warm and inviting space to unpack the difficulties that bring you to therapy. She believes in diving deep into your history to help you identify the root cause of issues and build insight that creates meaningful, lasting change. Chelsea has particular expertise in working with complex PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, athletes, high achievers, and college students. During therapy sessions, Chelsea will help you connect to your inner wisdom and identify strengths that will build resiliency and assist you in overcoming life’s most challenging moments. 

Collaborative Psychological Assessment: Illuminating a Path Forward

As a psychologist, Dr. Chelsea Campbell believes psychological assessment is an opportunity to take an in-depth look at yourself to gain insight and build a path forward. An comprehensive assessment with Chelsea will build an understanding of  personality issues, relationship disturbances, complex PTSD, Eating Disorders, and ADHD. Assessment can also  help when you are feeling stuck, experiencing a complex constellation of symptoms, or seeking more clarity in your diagnosis. Chelsea utilizes a collaborative approach that activates your curiosity about yourself and helps you strive for a healthier, more fulfilling life. 


Hear from Chelsea

Because embarking on the therapeutic journey takes great courage, I strive to create an atmosphere of warmth, curiosity, and respect for the unique challenges that bring you into my office. Together, we will collaborate to identify your goals for therapy and walk together on the path toward healing.

I will take an integrative approach to your treatment, blending research-based interventions with a relationship-centered and strengths-based orientation that helps you feel seen and understood, ultimately launching you toward self-understanding and healing. I am honored to support my clients in this deeply vulnerable and life-changing process.


~ Dr. Chelsea Towler Campbell

Post by Dr. Chelsea Campbell

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  • 2016 Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Specialty Focus in Couple and Family Therapy, University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver
  • 2013 M.A., Clinical Psychology, University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology
  • 2011 B.A., Psychology, University of San Diego

Advanced Training

  • Completed Levels 1 & 2 Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Specialized training in the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test, 2018
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Basic Training, Levels 1 & 2, 2017

Recent Presentations, Research & Publications

  • Doctoral Paper, 2016: The Clinical Utility of Approaching Therapeutic Assessment with a Systems Theory Orientation
  • Family Court Review publication, 2015: The Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on a Collaborative and Child-Focused Approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution

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