For years, the Catalyst Center has been providing supervision and education to advanced graduate students and in doing so, providing high quality, reduced cost therapy to the community. In fact, many of our wonderful staff have come out of that program. As we have grown, we have also seen the need for trauma informed clinicians grow in the community. It has been our privilege to adapt to that need.

Three years ago, we expanded our advanced graduate student program into a non-profit, the Ardent Grove Foundation. We are excited to announce that our Advanced Graduate Clinic Team is now excepting new clients!

Our mission as a therapy clinic is focused on providing high-quality, trauma-informed therapeutic care and education to the community at a very low cost. Through donations and grants, we have been able to have our students trained in EMDR (Eye- Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and have developed a therapy clinic that is accessible to all members of the community. We focus primarily from trauma and attachment perspectives, which lends itself well to young family support. We believe that addressing difficulties through a trauma lens will vastly improve a person’s functioning. Learn more about our services here.

We train our clinicians to specialize in advanced techniques and trauma-focused interventions while providing ongoing expert supervision to them so that they may provide the best treatment to their clients. We offer services at a minimum cost and work with all types of difficulties including: mood dysregulation and disorder, change of life stressors, perinatal and postpartum complications, financial and educational issues, attentional difficulties, relationship problems, and symptom management.

We also offer community education.  We have met with schools, parent groups, libraries and other interested organizations to talk with adults and children about stress management and burnout prevention, trauma awareness, perinatal mental health issues, parenting, and in improving interactions with others. We have also spoken to schools and parents specifically about how to address crisis situations in schools, bullying prevention, and trauma awareness in school. In conjunction with talking with parents and other adults, the Ardent Grove team offers programming to meet with children and students to talk in an age-appropriate way about social-emotional aspects of school, friendships, and managing feelings. If you are interested in how we can help your organization, contact us here.

It is a great honor to provide high-quality, trauma-informed service and education to our community. For more information about the program please visit,


*Disclaimer: We are unfortunately not a Medicaid provider. If you need referrals for a mental health Medicaid provider please click here.


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