Here are some easy but meaningful Valentines you can make for anyone.  It can be especially great for families and all ages. As we know, expressing love is important to development and makes us all better people.  What better time to do so than Valentine’s Day!

Materials needed: construction paper, marker or pen, tape, a jar or other container

Gratitude Hearts: Using construction paper, cut out a large heart.  Write your Valentine’s name in the center. Then write qualities you love and appreciate about that person all over the heart.  These hearts can be hung all around a common space in your home, such as the kitchen or around the dining table. Another variation of this idea is to make the large hearts and hang them around a room, each labeled with a person’s name.  Have family members go around the room and write what they love about that person on the heart.  

Jar of Hearts: Another idea is to have a jar, box, or other container for every family member.  Out of construction paper, cut out multiple small hearts. Gather your family have have everyone write one thing they love about that person and put the heart in their jar.  People can write as many hearts as they want to! Then everyone can read the hearts out of their own jar and feel the love!  

Heart Hide and Seek: Assign each family member a color.  Out of construction paper, cut out several hearts in the various colors.  On the hearts, write down qualities you love about that person. Hide the hearts around the house. Then invite family members to find their color hearts!  

Remember to have family members share their hearts with one another.  This encourages the growth of love and empathy, both of which are essential to healthy development!