Neurofeedback can help improve anxiety management

See the following response an anonymous client shared about their experience with Neurofeedback:

I am so incredibly grateful for Neurofeedback. It has helped me in ways I never imagined!

I first started using Neurofeedback 10 months ago and really feel like it has been a game-changer for me. I have struggled with Anxiety since I was a child. Over the years I have pursued natural supplements, medication, therapy, and EMDR, all of which have been quite helpful. However, I still had underlying chronic anxiety.

I was so hopeful starting Neurofeedback. At the beginning I felt quite frustrated because I didn’t notice anything for several sessions. Then, one day when I was driving, I noticed that I was not irritated at other drivers or stressed about the traffic. Now I love driving! I don’t get frustrated, irritated, or overwhelmed.

After that, I began notice things very quickly. I have more patience with my children. My boss noticed I seemed less overwhelmed.

It feels like things that would typically annoy or irritate me just roll off my back. I spend less time worrying about things and more time enjoying life.

I am able to relax more and have started reading for pleasure more. I watch significantly less television because I don’t feel like I need to “turn off” and escape by the end of the day. In fact, I go weeks without wanting to even turn on the television!

I noticed the most significant change when I recently took a trip back to my hometown to visit old friends and family. For over twenty years, anytime I visited home I would feel triggered and would spiral into greater anxiety and depression. I would have to change my medications and get more therapy and EMDR.

This is the first trip where I experienced absolutely no anxiety. I was not triggered at all. I truly enjoyed being with family and friends and cannot wait to go back.

People there noticed I was different. Interestingly, what they commented on was how healthy I looked. They asked if I had been working out. I have not, at least not physically. But I do feel like I have been working on my brain, and it shows.”

~ A Grateful Neurofeedback User