Karmen Thulin, PsyD, LCP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Certified Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Provider

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Dr. Karmen Thulin believes in the power of collaboration between client and therapist to create meaningful, lasting change. People who work with Karmen experience her as warm and genuine, with a thirst for helping you to identify what needs to shift in order to live your life in alignment with your values. She works with teens, adults and couples who are looking to make important changes in their lives.

Karmen specializes in working with people who have been through traumatic life events, including early childhood trauma. She believes in the capacity of humans to heal from the impacts of trauma, is trained in EMDR, and is versed in applying third-wave contextual behaviorism to the treatment of trauma. Her deep knowledge and her non-judgmental, accepting style helps her clients to feel safe as they embark with her on the journey of healing after trauma.

Dr. Karmen Thulin is an action-oriented couple’s therapist who focuses on helping you make concrete shifts in your relationship. A few of her areas of expertise with couples are resolving conflict, healing after betrayal, helping you to work through the impacts of one partner’s trauma on the relationship, and increasing physical and emotional intimacy in the relationship.

If you are ready to make a change and give yourself the gift of healing, Karmen may be a great fit for you. She is easy to connect with, deeply compassionate, and has the training and knowledge needed to help you reach your goals.

Hear from Karmen

I have a genuine interest in getting to know you, I’m not here to pin a label on you. I am really good at connecting and forming a relationship with my clients and am deeply collaborative and non-shaming. By treating you as an individual, I can understand the changes you are seeking – I see understanding as a step beyond simply knowing, so that I can truly join you in your goals. Whenever I work with a client we get in touch with what needs to happen so that you can get to what you really want in life. I respect your investment in therapy and take it very seriously – I am not afraid to push you to change. As we work together on making these changes we will notice you doing things differently in your everyday life in observable ways.

Trauma is one of my favorite issues to work with because there is so much potential for healing and change. Trauma therapy is incredibly rewarding because I get to help uncover the person who has been shrouded by traumatic experiences. Working with trauma helps me to see what humans are truly capable of. My faith in people’s ability to heal is reaffirmed every time I work with trauma.

I love working with couples because it is so action-oriented, we are constantly working on shifts in the relationship. When I work with a couple, the three of us are a team working towards the same goals. When we accomplish your couple’s goals it has huge ripple effects in each of your lives and the lives of those close to you.

I believe honesty is at the core of what makes therapy work. I am committed to being completely authentic with you in our work together. I am confident we will work through any challenges that come up in our work together honestly, and can leverage those challenges for your benefit. I collaborate closely with each of my clients and ensure we agree on the goals for treatment so that the changes we make in your life are guided by your desires. We will work together to make things different in a way that matters to you.


~Dr. Karmen Thulin


  • 2018 University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, Denver, CO
    Doctor of Psychology, APA Accredited, August 2018
    Areas of Specialization: Assessment; Behaviorism
  • 2009 University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
    Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 2009
    Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, 2009
  • 2009 University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
    Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 2009
    Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, 2009

Advanced Training

  • EMDR Certification Supervision | in progress | January 2018 to present with David W. McDonald, L.P.C, CACIII, EMDR
  • 2018 Eye-Movement Desensitization and Level I and II
    • Training on EMDR protocol for the treatment of trauma and phobias, and modifications to the protocol for complex trauma and dissociative clients
    • Two three-day training weekends and 10 hours of consult group presenting my own cases with Barb Maiberger, L.P.C.
  • 2016 Crisi Wartegg System, Level 3
    • Training on the interpretation of performance-based drawing test for use in personality assessment with Alessandro Crisi, Ph.D. 
  • 2016 ACT Level II
    • Training focused on using techniques of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to produce change in clients with Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.
  • 2015 Substance Abuse |lecture series|
    • Introduction to models of substance abuse and principles of substance abuse treatment
    • Overview of Addiction Severity Index and Motivational Interviewing with Chad Emrick, Ph.D
  • 2014 Functional Analytic Psychology, Level I |training|
    • Training for using present-moment client-therapist interactions to produce client change with Joanne Steinwachs, L.C.S.W.
  • 2014 ICD Diagnosis: Changes on the Horizon with Dr. Carol Goodheart |training|
    • Training on the use of ICD 10
    • Covered the changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) from the fourth to the fifth edition
  • 2009 and 2010 Managing Aggressive Behavior |training|
    • De-escalation techniques and physical interventions for clients experiencing mental health crises and/or posing safety threats to themselves or others at Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital and Family and Children’s Services
  • 2008 and 2011 Suicide Risk Assessment |training|
    • About the evaluation of suicidality and intervention measures at Eastern State Hospital and Family and Children’s Services
  • 2008 Crisis Prevention and Intervention |training|
    • Learned physical interventions in case of need for restraint on inpatient units at Eastern State Hospital

Recent Research, Presentations, and Publication

  • July 2019 Trauma and School Violence | Keynote Co-Speaker | DQUAC Safe Spaces Summit
  • October 2018 Leveraging Technology for Compassion Fatigue | Workshop Presentation| Colorado Behavioral Health Conference
  • July 2018 Doctoral Defense: A Contextual Behavioral Account of a Multi-Problem Client: A Case Study Exploration
  • June 2018 Organizational Programming Pilots for Vicarious Trauma Resilience in Clinicians |Poster Presentation | Psychosocial Rehabilitation Association National Conference
  • April 2018 Organizational Programming Pilots for Vicarious Trauma Resilience in Clinicians |Poster Presentation | National Council for Behavioral Health National Conference
  • October 2016 Blending FAP and ACT | Instructor| 
    Provided training on the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with the explicitly relational approach of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy with Joanne Steinwachs, L.C.S.W.

  • September 2016 Postpartum Mental Health |Presentation| Denver Health Doula Program
    Presentation about warning signs that patients may be experiencing symptoms related to mood and other mental disorders, and what interventions and resources can be used if a problem is identified with Lies van Bekkum, Psy.D.
  • Making the Invisible Risable – Sketch Comedy as a Basis for Difficult Dialogues |Symposium| American Psychologists Association National Convention, August 2016
    Presentation of diversity-focused comedic sketches and discussion on the use of comedy to broach multicultural issues with Michael Karson, Ph.D., J.D. 
  • February 2016 Blending FAP and ACT | Instructor| Portland Psychotherapy
    Provided training on the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with the explicitly relational approach of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy
    Used experiential methods to teach therapeutic interpersonal behavioral interventions to clinicians with Joanne Steinwachs, L.C.S.W.

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