Allison Kalivas, MA, MFTC

Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate
Certified Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Provider

Individual & Couples Therapy
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Allison Kalivas, MFTC is unafraid to be in a tough place with you. She knows that coming into therapy can be a vulnerable experience. She will be your co-pilot, sitting with you in your experience and motivating you to focus on your goals. Allison aims to empower you and inspire your curiosity about yourself.

Allison will work with you to optimize your therapy sessions by providing additional tools to talk therapy, like neurofeedback, EMDR, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), or a combination of tools to best suit your needs. Together, you will make sense of your life’s path thus far and determine where you want to go next.

Individual Empowerment: Deep Connection in Therapy with Allison

Clients appreciate Allison’s compassionate approach and ability to form a deep connection that facilitates meaningful progress in individual therapy. Her guidance helps clients navigate the complexities of grief and loss, heal the wounds of past traumas, and confront the root causes of persistent feelings of being stuck. Specializing in assisting clients weary of a cycle of loneliness, exhaustion, and disorientation, Allison guides them toward mastering emotional self-regulation, embracing vulnerability, and reigniting the passion and purpose in their lives.

Utilizing her extensive training in EMDR, EFT, ACT, CBT, DBT, IFS, and attachment theory, she tailors her approach to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Couples Therapy with Emotional Focus Therapy (EFT): Building Stronger Bonds through EFT

 Allison is passionate about guiding couples through the complexities of their relationship with an insightful attachment-based approach. She illuminates how past dynamics can cast a shadow on the present, aiding couples in identifying and breaking free from unhelpful patterns. With her expertise in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Allison empowers couples to enhance their communication by exploring challenging emotions that often lead to feelings of being misunderstood. Collaborating with Allison, couples strengthen their connection, charting a course towards lasting change and a deepened understanding of each other. 

Eating Disorder Recovery

Specializing in eating disorder recovery, Allison offers a unique blend of EMDR and/or Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to support and guide individuals toward healing. Her experience in inpatient care for severe eating disorder symptoms led to profound empathy and an ability to connect with those she helps. Inspired by the bravery and persistence of her clients, Allison is committed to facilitating a journey from distress to acceptance, from being stuck in unhealthy patterns to finding liberation. Her role extends beyond that of a therapist; she is a dedicated ally, delving into the underlying issues of eating disorders and collaborating closely with you to dismantle the obstacles to your well-being. Engaging with Allison means embarking on an empowering path to take charge of your recovery and reclaim control over your life.

Getting Unstuck: Advancing Healing with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

As a Certified Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Provider, Allison offers a specialized approach to healing through Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Her practice is particularly attuned to individuals grappling with the effects of trauma and PTSD, navigating the complexities of eating disorders, and those facing identity challenges, pervasive loneliness, anxiety, or professional burnout. Allison’s expertise lies in creating a supportive, transformative space that facilitates profound personal growth and resilience. By integrating KAP’s unique therapeutic properties, she helps clients break through barriers, fostering a renewed sense of self and empowerment in their journey toward wellness.

Learn more about Allison’s approach to Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Hear From Allison

Therapy is a powerful tool. In our work together you will learn to use acceptance, patience and practice to become empowered in your life. I pride myself on creating a safe space for you to share and explore your experiences, no matter how distressing. I see hope in life’s darkest moments. You are not alone in your struggle. Your goals are worth striving for. 

My passion is helping individuals, couples and families develop the tools to thrive. So often, we feel the need to shrink ourselves to fit into someone else’s expectations. Therapy is a place to break free from those expectations. I will help you learn to take up space and explore all aspects of yourself. Together we will focus on how your past and present experiences impact your emotional wellness. We will draw connections between your emotions, thoughts, and experiences and learn how they impact your life. Together we will understand who you are and what you need to thrive.

Witnessing my clients break free from past experiences to live life unencumbered is what drives my passion for this work. Life is challenging, providing my clients with the tools to succeed along their journey to recovery is truly an honor. 

~Allison Kalivas, MA, MFTC

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  • 2018 M.A. Emotionally Focused Therapy in Couples Therapy, concentration of Marriage and Family Therapy, Regis University
  • 2012 B.A. Psychology, University of Colorado

Advanced Training and Certifications

Allison’s Research, Presentations, and Publications

  • Thesis: Emotionally Focused Therapy in Couples Therapy: A Case Conceptualization. Regis University.
  • Chaimovitz, D., Dickter, J., Kalivas, A., & Poulter, M. (2011). A Comprehensive Analysis of the Relationship Between Psychological Disorders and Traumatic Brain Injuries. University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • HealthCare Professionals Panel Opioid Epidemic– (July 2018) Your Questions Answered. Invited presentation to the Colorado Student Leaders Institute. Served as an ambassador and assisted in research of additional resources for the panel.
  • Caring for aging parents- (April 2018) Invited presentation to Regis University community as part of the Wellness program. Presented “Family Roles and Relationships: Know yourself, know you family, & know your limits” and “Grief & Loss: Ongoing growth through change”.
  • Sleep… [presentation focused on increasing sleep hygiene in individuals, couples, and families]. (March 2018) Invited presentation to Regis University community as part of the Wellness program.



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