From our Certified Neurofeedback Trainer, Milissa Peifer:

“Neuroptimal is another tool in a very thriving holistic approach (to mental health).  …   I do not think that anyone should be at the controls of FORCING my brain in one direction or other.  I want to drive. … I believe in this miraculous thing we have in our skulls. I’ve seen it “dance”.  We cannot replicate or improve much on what it is designed to do.  All we should do is remind it that it CAN do it.  It already learned how.  

The best part is that, in our practice, I am surrounded by therapists every day that do not need to control.  Rather, they see their role as that of a facilitator.  There is a holistic approach to mental health in America.  It may not be the standard yet, but I witness its practice every day.  I also know we are not attached to any one brand or method (of neurofeedback) exclusively but rather we are constantly striving to learn more, experience more, and utilize more for the benefit of out clients.  I partially credit the fact that we ALL train our brains first to the commitment we have to this culture.  The rest is simply the forethought to assemble the best holistic team approach possible in mental health.  Be part of the best TEAM, whether that exists at home, in a practice setting or simply within yourself, and empowerment to makes changes occurs.  Period. ”

~ Milissa Peifer, Certified Neurofeedback Trainer