Do Aesthetics Of A Therapy Office Really Matter?

Individual TherapyWe intentionally design our space to look and feel like a spa because we feel passionate about the effect the space has on our therapy work. The location and quality of a building or office
space sets the tone for the experience you expect to have. We all might have entered doctors’ or therapists’ offices that are dark, damp, and hard to access. You might know the ones I mean with the overhead florescent lights buzzing, the unpleasant odor, or the distracting noise of traffic outside.

How did you feel when you were in the space? Did you have worries about confidentiality? Could you fully relax or enjoy the process? We firmly believe that the atmosphere surrounding us has a big impact on the way we feel about the therapy work we are doing and how well the therapy actually works. For example, it would be difficult for me to work with a client about self-confidence if I feel ashamed of the way my office looks and worried about the client being uncomfortable.

I do not want to expose my clients to a cold, drab, noisy environment when this might be the only hour in the week that he or she gets to focus on themselves in a therapeutic way. We understand that many of our clients are coming to therapy as a part of their own self-care. It is much more conducive to self care if you experience the therapy space as calming and centering rather than unattractive or dingy.


Our Soothing Atmosphere Created For Your Wellbeing

When you walk in the door of the Catalyst Center you come into a quiet waiting room with gentle, soothing music playing and soft lighting. The space is made beautiful through the intentional efforts of our clinical director, and if she weren’t such an amazing therapist I would suggest a second career in interior design! We have a beverages station so that our clients can help themselves to a cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or water while they wait.

We greet our clients in this comfortable waiting room and then walk them back through a well- lit hallway to windowed office with a west-facing view. Our art, furnishings, and colors are all hand selected so that the atmosphere is as soothing and beautiful as possible. During therapy, we sit face to face with our clients on comfortable furniture with warm beverages in hand so that therapy almost feels like a conversation with a caring, neutral confidant.

You Deserve The Best Experience We Can Create

Kara Holt – Play Therapy

Most importantly, having a beautiful and soothing space which we have intentionally decorated as such feels like the first way we care for our clients when they walk in the door of our offices. We want to give them the pleasure of an environment that fits their needs and aides in doing the challenging work required in self-improvement.

You deserve a positive experience as you seek to build your best life, and our setting reflects our commitment to creating this experience for you.