I have been amazed with the benefits I have experienced with neurofeedback. I feel calmer, sleep better, and generally feel more equipped to handle daily stress.

The first time I tried neurofeedback, I thought I had not done it correctly because it required so little participation from me. I had sat for over half an hour listening to music tracks with occasional skipping, and was uncertain if I was supposed to do more. I was assured that I had in fact done everything correctly and that the software program was doing all the work of analyzing my brain patterns and clipping the music when inefficient patterns were detected. I decided to continue with the training sessions to see if I noticed any impact over time. After about five training sessions I noticed that I felt surprisingly calm during a stressful incident at work. Normally, the incident would have triggered quite a lot of anxiety, but it was like I had an “extra gear” to go to as I managed the stress from the situation. I continued neurofeedback training every week and noticed that I felt more rested after sleep, even if I occasionally slept fewer hours than normal.

My patience also improved such that others in my life began to ask me what I had been doing to stay calm.

I still experience stressors just like everyone else, but with continued neurofeedback training, I feel better equipped to handle the stressful experiences.

I can think more clearly through solutions and can also regulate my emotions with more ease. Especially those that are normally escalating emotions like anxiety and frustration. I now see neurofeedback as an integral part of my quest to improve self care and stress management. It has been a great supplemental resource that has brought me noticeable value across my life and work.”
~ A De-Stressed Neurofeedback User