It can be very common during pregnancy to have many looming questions. You may have all sorts of thoughts and/or wonder about who you will be as a mom, what labor will be like, how will this change you and your relationship with your partner. Even if this isn’t your first pregnancy you may have many questions; How do I prepare my child for the new baby? Is it possible to love this baby as much as my other child? Will I be able to juggle more than one child? These days, with all of the added uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic brings, these questions may feel more intense. The uncertainty in the world can amplify the uncertainty of pregnancy. Given everything you may be feeling, I would like to encourage you to take some time for self-care and stress reduction, starting with the simple practice I like to call “cozy corner.”

Find or create a space in your home that you can dedicate to self-care time for at least 10-15 minutes a day. We will call this your “cozy corner.” Strive to make this a lasting habit. If you can build this time in now and make it part of your daily ritual, it will be easier to continue practicing your self-care routine after your baby arrives. Allowing yourself this time is something you deserve. It is an investment in yourself and will benefit your family as well. 

Find a place in your home that is comfortable. Do you have a favorite chair? Is there a time of day where the light is just perfect and you can sit in the sun? This space can be anywhere in your home, but I encourage you to try for a space where you can close a door and be quiet by yourself. This will be even more important once baby arrives.

You can use your cozy corner time in a variety of ways. Experiment with different ideas and see what works best for you.

You can use this time to focus on baby. Drink a cup of tea, read, knit, or make something for baby. Set intentions. Write about something you hope to one day teach your child or wishes for your baby’s life. Think or write about goals for you and your growing family. Sing a song to the baby. Talk to your baby. 

You can use this time to focus on you and connect with your body. Sit quietly and think about your amazing body and the incredible thing it is doing. You are growing a small human! Thank your body. Imagine of all the women who came before you and sit in that collective strength.

Acknowledge how you are feeling. Know that whatever you are feeling is okay. There is no one way to feel during pregnancy. Maybe you are excited, maybe you were excited yesterday and are totally apprehensive today. However you feel right now, whatever your body is doing at this moment, is valid. Take a moment to acknowledge it. 

As you practice this each day, you will discover what works for you. Think of this as an investment in your wellbeing that will help support you and your baby all along your journey together.