We have wonderful news to share! After many years of us cajoling him, Dr. Joey Tadie has agreed to expand his hours at The Catalyst Center!!! I am so excited to announce that starting on March 21, Joey will have increased available for therapy and assessment appointments and will no longer have a waiting list.

Dr. Tadie excels in his work providing therapy to couples, adults and teens. He is skilled at integrating spirituality into the therapy process (see his excellent writings on this topic in our feed below). He is also passionate about working with men as they seek balance in their busy and complex lives, and helping couples to reconnect and resolve their differences so that they can build a stronger and more healthy relationship.

Psychological Assessment is one of Dr. Tadie’s strengths. He works with children, adolescents, adults, and families using the principles of Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment. This approach focuses on maximizing the positive impact of assessment. Rather than just giving you a label of some diagnosis and handing you a long confusing report, he takes the time to really understand you, your child, or your family. He talks and writes in everyday language and explains all the complex psychological jargon in ways that actually make sense. He then works collaboratively with you to provide recommendations that will help solve the problems you are facing, and that are actually realistic in your life.

To learn more about Dr. Tadie or to make an appointment give us a call at 720-675-7123 or check him out at