“I do not believe Anxiety and Depression are things you just need to learn how to live with, in fact I see these conditions as treatable and in many cases curable. I am skilled at helping people to recover from Anxiety and Depression, it is one of my passions as a psychologist. I combine talk therapy, coping skill building, cognitive behavioral therapy, and Neurofeedback to help you discover new ways of being and reach your fullest potential. My hope for you is to see you embrace a life filled with meaning and hope.”

Dr. Tadie has recently agreed to expand his hours at The Catalyst Center and we will no longer have a wait list to get an appointment with him. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get to work with a talented psychologist and finally create the lasting change you’ve been wanting to bring in to your life. Dr. Tadie knows how to help people shift out of stuck places in their lives, and does it with a genuine spirit and an unshakable belief in the capacity for each of us to transform our lives.

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