Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment

At the Catalyst Center we practice Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment, a well-researched, individualized approach to assessment that has been shown to be beneficial to those who participate in it.

We use data and our clinical knowledge to gain a deep complex understanding of you. This knowledge becomes the foundation of creating real and lasting change in your life. This approach has been shown in research to create positive therapeutic change in the clients who participate.

All kinds of assessment questions can be answered through Collaborative / Therapeutic Assessment. From questions about a how to reach your potential, understanding what is keeping you stuck in your life, to assessing for potential Depression or to diagnose ADHD or a Learning Disability, our clients benefit from learning the answers to their important questions.

We use assessment as an opportunity for brief treatment geared towards answering your questions and planning your next steps towards living the life you desire.

A collaborative therapeutic assessment can also be very helpful as an adjunct to ongoing therapy as a way to help you and your therapist answer some lingering questions or find ideas for new directions to explore in your work together.

In our assessments you and your assessor work collaboratively throughout the process. Our reports read like letters written directly to you, answering the questions you have posed about yourself and outlining a detailed plan for your future.

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Pre-Adoption Assessment

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