Emily Markley

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Assessment Specialist and Clinical Associate, The Catalyst Center
Clinic Director, Ardent Grove Foundation

Kind, Collaborative, Compassionate

Dr. Emily Markley, PsyD, LCP, is the Clinic Director of our sister non-profit, the Ardent Grove Foundation. In addition to her work training future psychologists, she provides Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment here at the Catalyst Center. Emily enjoys helping others to better understand themselves and what has led them to seek out assessment in the first place. She believes that a collaborative approach to assessment yields the most helpful results. She aspires to create an environment that allows for a non judgemental and safe exploration.

Emily feels that assessment can be a helpful tool to make meaning of strengths and areas of difficulty in order to better understand and change maladaptive coping methods and live a more values-driven life. She will work to create a comprehensive and relevant set of recommendations based on assessment findings in order to make adjustments in life, allowing you to thrive. 

Emily loves working with all ages, children through adulthood. She specializes in ADHD, learning disabilities, social/emotional difficulties, those who have experienced trauma, those who are interested in deeper self-understanding, and those with medical conditions including traumatic brain injuries. 

Recent Posts in General

Hear from Emily

“I consider the foundation of good outcome to rest on a warm, trusting and collaborative relationship between psychologist and client. Together we will work to better understand the issues bringing you to assessment and explore ways in which you can gain more insight and improve your life. My goal is to provide an individualized assessment that is thorough and allows you to better understand your strengths and needs. The goal of the assessment is to empower you to make changes in your everyday life, allowing you to thrive. I recognize that this process takes courage and therefore I work to foster a space where you are authentically heard and valued.

I have experience working with individuals, couples, families, and children. I am passionate about helping those who are navigating issues of trauma, social/emotional concerns, grief and loss, relational issues, issues related to chronic pain and/or health conditions, and those who are interested in a greater sense of self understanding.  

~ Dr. Emily Markley


  • 2015 Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver
  • 2013 M.A., Clinical Psychology, University of Denver, GSPP
  • 2009 B.A., Psychology and Cognitive Science, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH  
  • Advanced Trainings:
    • Expected October 2021 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Training, Basic Certification
    • 2019 Specialized training in the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test

Recent Presentations, Research & Publications

  • Book: Buirski, P., Haglund, P., & Markley, E. (In Press) Making Sense Together: The Intersubjective  Approach To Psychotherapy, 2nd Edition. Rowman & Littlefield.  

  • Talk: Markley, E. & Ali, A. (May, 2019) Castle Rock, CO. “Motivational Interviewing OTF  Workshop” [Operation TBI Freedom]

  • Talk: Markley, E. (September, 2018) New Orleans, LA. “Countertransference off the Couch: Feeling  when our Patients Feel” [Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals]

  • Talk: Markley, E. (January, 2017) New York, NY. “Living With Dignity: A Pilot Study Implementing  Dignity Therapy With Allogeneic Blood or Marrow Transplant Recipients” [American Psychoanalytic  Association] 

  • Poster: Markley, E. & Taylor, N. (July, 2015) Washington, DC. “Living With Dignity: A Pilot Study  Implementing Dignity Therapy With Allogeneic Blood or Marrow Transplant Recipients” [World  Congress of Psycho-Oncology] 

  • Talk: Newman, E., Fehon, D., Park, Y., Minkin, M. J., Lee, H. B., & Ratner, E. (May, 2015) Boston,  MA. “Understanding the needs of female breast and gynecologic oncology patients in the Sexuality,  Intimacy, and Menopause (SIMs) Clinic” [Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer at  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute] 

  • Poster: Taylor, N. & Newman, E. (February, 2014) Tampa, FL. “Developmental Supervision in  Psychosocial Oncology” & “Interpersonal-Relational-Existential Therapy in Oncology Settings”  [American Psychosocial Oncology Society Conference] 

  • Poster: Newman, E., Primak, S., Durgerian, S., Zimbelman, J., Reece, C., Bea, A., Juhl, A., Koenig, K.,  Lowe, M., Magnotta, V., Paulsen, J., & Rao, S. (February, 2011) Boston, MA. “An fMRI Study of  Inhibitory Control in Prodromal Huntington’s Disease” [International Neuropsychological Society  Annual Meeting]

  • Poster: Bea, A., Primak, S., Durgerian, S., Zimbelman, J., Reece, C., Newman, E., Juhl, A., Koenig, K.,  Lowe, M., Magnotta, V., Paulsen, J., & Rao, S. (February, 2011) Boston, MA. “Inter-Scanner  Comparability of fMRI Task Activation in Healthy Participants” [International Neuropsychological  Society Annual Meeting]5 ׀ Emily R. Markley

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