Meet Dr. Courtney Klein, an experienced psychologist who excels at helping men who are ready to make changes in their lives and get back on track. She puts people at ease with her warm and approachable demeanor. Dr. Klein is strong and confident yet she tends to do more suggesting than telling. She knows what works and will make suggestions for ways you can shift the things that aren’t working in your life, and she also knows that to make meaningful change in your life the change needs to come from you.

Dr. Klein specializes in working collaboratively with people who are seeking to improve their relationships and their lives. She excels at treating more than just the immediate symptoms, rather addressing the whole person and treating the underlying causes of distress. By using this comprehensive approach she is able to help her clients achieve lasting change rather than just a quick, temporary fix.

Sometimes you need a private place to be yourself where you can freely discuss your life with someone who can offer an outside perspective and help you to make the changes you are seeking. Dr. Klein excels at providing such a place for her clients: somewhere they can feel completely safe and supported in their process of growth.

To book an appointment with Courtney, give us a call at 720-675-7123 or contact us at https://catalystcenterllc.com/courtney-klein/