Melissa Adams is a Licensed Professional Counselor with more than 10 years of experience. Her goal is to provide an environment in which you are able to find relief and support. She knows it can be uncomfortable at the start, but she will work with you to create a safe space to work through challenges in a collaborative way. Melissa’s mission is to have you walk out feeling changed and empowered by the goals you have set for yourself at the beginning of therapy. For years, she has worked with those who have dealt with trauma in their lives and helped them move into trauma recovery. Finding themselves again, sometimes for the first time, but always stronger. She loves to see those moments when you find yourself renewed. 

Melissa enjoys working with new parents. She takes great pride in being part of the journey and is honored to be in such a role with you. She knows new parenthood isn’t always what you expect it to be and knows it can be a lonely experience. She loves to be a supporting role that can take away that lonely aspect and help you to grow into your new role while also maintaining some semblance of yourself. She will work with you to shift into your new role while finding balance in your other relationships also. 

She works primarily with adults and couples. She specializes in trauma and abuse recovery, EMDR, pregnancy, postpartum, and new parenthood, infertility, parenting, PTSD, adjustment disorders, stress and anxiety, grief and loss, separation and divorce, anxiety and depression, LGBTQ affirming therapy, mood disorders, and life transitions.

Hear from Melissa

It is my core belief that every individual holds the power within themselves to bring about positive change. In order to tap into that power, I believe, first and foremost, it is important to build a trusting relationship borne of guidance and support.

As a therapist, I utilize a holistic/integrative and person-centered approach to counseling and psychotherapy. Some of the approaches I use include Humanistic Approach, family therapy, EMDR, integrative nutrition, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

My work with clients on trauma recovery using EMDR has taught me to look through a different lens. I think of trauma as a tree. When we see a tree, we see the trunk, branches, and leaves but, it is the root system that supports the tree. EMDR and trauma work gets to the roots to change the tree, support its full growth, and make it thrive. 

I look forward to working with you on your journey to self-realization and positive change.

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