Thrive @ Catalyst: A Group for Teen Girls

Facilitated by Dr. Courtney Klein

Tuesdays from 4:00-5:30 pm

Starts March 2020 

Why join a group like this? First of all, this group is usually lighthearted and fun. But this is also a space to find support for things that may be harder to deal within life. Here are a few more reasons to join our group:

Peers are It: A teenage girl’s peers become strong voices in her life. She seeks out friends for their opinions on important decisions regarding her own values, choices in relationships, sexual activity, drug experimentation, dedication to schoolwork, and interactions with parents and family. Likely, she also attempts to support her friends and others through giving advice or being a listening ear and empathizing with them. Within this talkative group of girls, having a knowledgeable therapist in the room to help guide the discussions enhances this process. Ideally, even more discussion around safety, increasing understanding, and solving problems about very important issues helps these teens in many ways.

The therapist is not a parent: Within a group format, a trusted therapist offers a different perspective from parents. We offer a realistic and experienced view that is more laid-back, easier to hear, and best of all, not followed by a request to finish housework and go to bed on time! In this setting, a teen has space to share and make decisions for herself away from parents and family members who have other interactions with her as well.

You are not too different: Teenage girls are young women in search of others who are like them or can understand them. Being in a group can provide other perspectives from people similar to them and going through similar experiences. Seeing peers struggling with the same thing can normalize what a girl may feel is their own problem to shoulder, and perhaps lead to friendships with group members. Simply learning that we are similar in our stress and worries deepens our understanding and resilience.

What this teen group looks like: The group consists of weekly meetings from 4:00 to 5:30 on Tuesday afternoons. It is after school so that girls can be home in time for interactions with family members and to complete homework. The group will discuss the following topics:

  • Self-esteem
  • Body image
  • Substances, cannabis, and alcohol
  • Romantic relationships and friendships
  • School issues and navigating academic pressure
  • Managing stressors

The best reason to join: I saved the best reason for last: We will have snacks!

As an female therapist, my philosophy is this: Giving everyone, especially young women, the ability to know what they’re feeling, why they’re feeling it, and what to do about it can help them to navigate the world for the rest of their lives. Please join us!